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Thread: It's in the UK.....

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    Default It's in the UK.....

    Got my tracking info yesterday

    Apparently will be delivered by my DPD driver Danny between 18:15-19:15!

    Rushed home from work to await my goodies

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    Arrived bang on time.......everything looks awesome!

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    Great. I got a trackingnumber but it doesn't exist on the DPD website. Odd. Nothing arrived till now (the Netherlands).

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    Seeing everyone is receiving their pledges, I've had a look at the CKPM site to discover my pledge wasn't completed (missing shipping costs).
    No notice from CmoN and I was sure I had completed it months ago

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    I'm in the middel ground ... got a completed order form on CKPM BUT no order note

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    Found my tracking number. I had to add a 0 that was missing as the first number.

    Also my pack was delivered a few doors down the block. Not sure how that happened so all seems fine now. Unpacking though I noticed the kickstarter bonus missing such as the ravenscar mercs etc. Will they be delivered in phase 2?

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    There is no phase 2, if your order is missing something or is not correct, send an email to support AT cmon DOT com and it will be processed once all initial KS orders are fulfilled.
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    Got mine
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    I really like to see those huge piles of stuff...

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    Quote Originally Posted by CMON Derek View Post
    There is no phase 2, if your order is missing something or is not correct, send an email to support AT cmon DOT com and it will be processed once all initial KS orders are fulfilled.
    So we should all have received our tracking numbers by now then? Or will it be another couple of weeks for the UK?

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    My mate has his now for about a week. Although I have yet to even get an email. This is disappointing as I needed to change my address and they said it was too late. I really hope they dont send my stuff and email my after, as this could really damage my chance of interception! /sigh

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    not got an order number yet? Were there that many uk backers?

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    I know, the lack of information is getting beyond a joke now.... I mean a little generic information* from CMON wouldnt go amiss around about now to aleviate some fears that our orders havent gone into some black hole

    *ie we are sending them out in order of (alephabeticly/ pledge number/ order contents)
    Or we are sending out the once with X content last (eg Gold Cards)
    We are X% way through of USA, Y% of Europe, and Z% of RoW

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    I think there are only 3 maybe 4 people on the WoK UK facebook page that have gotten their pledge. It does seem extremely strange that things seem to have completely ceased. Is there a dispute between CMoN and their distributers? I have a friend who has purchased stuff off of ebay and will have it tomorrow, so the mind boggles as to what is happening to the packages.
    CMoN do seem overly quiet bunch though imho. They dont really engage the public a great deal, despite their ability to provide a great Hadross write up, which was going to be the first of many, they have since lacked the motivation to provide the other army write ups. Rather sad really, as gamers are thirsty sponges that love to feel a part of a company. CMoN seem like a company that produces bread for the supermarket, as opposed to an exciting an inovating company producing top rate models for awesome wargames.

    Must try harder please.


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