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    Default Scenario: Mercenary Mercy

    Snatch and Grab

    An aerial transport has crashed in no man’s land. Despite the order to fire on the survivors, both armies have instead decided that the mercenaries on board could make great allies. Rescuing them from the war zone may convince them to head back in for their friends.

    Summary: At the center of the map are three spawn points. Spawn either neutral units or extra artillery in the center. Teams must fight over them and return them to the SOs.

    Requirements: Rivet Wars: Eastern Front

    Suggested: Rivet Wars Expansions and/or Alt Models or Neutral Units.

    Special Rules: At the beginning of a round where no neutral units are claimed, both sides alternate rolling a D6. A neutral Unit or a neutral unit marker is spawned on the map depending on the roll (see map). Both teams may now fight to control the unit.

    Claiming: Enter a grid containing the unit and/or reinforcement marker. Controlling the unit allows you to move them as you would your unit. They cannot attack or use buffs. Once returned to your team’s SO, you score and then the Unit is “claimed” and may now be used in combat. Consider this a “Score”.

    Using factioned heroes can increase the amount of “neutral” units used. Just say before a match that no hero can be deployed even with the desired rivets and DPs. If they are captured by their respected factions, then they may be used as if deployed. However, if they are captured by an enemy faction then use them as extra cavalry, support, or a tank. You must determine what reward they represent BEFORE the start of the round, however. Or see a pre-determined chart of possible rewards.

    Do the above for dead heroes as they cannot be redeployed or used once killed.

    Resources: 4 DPs. Score: +1 DP +1 Rivet + Other Rewards

    Victory Conditions: Returning a neutral unit or neutral unit marker gains 1 VP. Play to 7-10 based on desired game length.

    Note: The below map and general gaming rules may be used for other Scenarios of the “Snatch and Grab” Gametype.

    Alternate Possibilities

    In the event a faction captures a hero belonging to the rival faction, they are then awarded with these reinforcements instead of receiving that hero. If a hero who has died or a reinforcement marker is used, use these instead.
    Unit DPs & Rivets Unit 1 Unit 2
    M2 Wolverine 2DPs 2 Panzerfaust 1 Schlitten
    Cpt W Parman 2DPs & 1 Rivet 2 Monowheels 1 Monowheel
    1 Panzerfaust
    Baron Tankken 2DPs 2 Riflemen 1 Rocket Cycle
    Jager Konig 3DPs & 1 Rivet 1 Rocket Cycle 1 Hammer 65
    Reinforcement Marker (Allies) 2DPs & 1 Rivet 3 Riflemen 1 Riflemen
    1 1 Rocket Cycle
    Reinforcement Marker (Blight) 2DPs & 1 Rivet 3 Panzerfaust 1 Panzerfaust
    1 Monowheel
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    ~Lieutenant Nathaniel Flint of the Landship Scorpios

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    An interesting enhancement to the rules introduced in 2nd Mission of the War Room scenarios. Potentially, there are only seems to be 6VPs to win for the hero/markers though.

    Great job & keep it up
    Rivet Wars Scenario Editor -

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    Quote Originally Posted by Decar View Post
    Potentially, there are only seems to be 6VPs to win for the hero/markers though.

    Great job & keep it up
    I don't understand this statement.

    And I know, I had made this before that scenario, but I am glad that they still differ and I decided to update it recently since more people can access the additional units.
    ~Lieutenant Nathaniel Flint of the Landship Scorpios

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