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    I have a load of Golden Age GW minis on my hands. So, looks like it is time to put some paint on them.
    I`m really like that old GW style. Nowdays those 3d modelled stuff is all around, and they're good in many ways... But, still, those masterfully hand-sculpted minis have a really strong charisma. The Mordheim line is a top of this.
    Here is the voting link - http://www.coolminiornot.com/374190
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    The painting is really top of the game as usual (big fan of your style and choice of minis), but I think the base is way too overwhelming. Its too big, too bright and the wheat (?) looks strange and artificial.
    I don`t mean to be harsh, but I really really think the base is not a good choice composition wise.

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    Ok mate, as usual I love your choice of mini and the attention to detail on the painting like his grey eyebrows !
    I like the base but as yuggoth says it is a bit large.
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    The mini is absolutely fantastic. And I really like the base! I get the feeling that he is surveying a well trodden path through a large open field, relaxed but cautious. Great atmosphere!
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    There is a lot to like on that mini, nice details, texture on the leather, the hammer lines on the metal, great feel.
    The skin could use some more light, its very dark and red as it is, just a bit too much maybe a couple highlights.
    The colors of the wheat and grass base are a bit clashy but surely a few dark washes would help tone it down, I like the idea tho.
    Must have been a lot of work gluing all these down.
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    Lovely painting and idea. But yeah, maybe tone done the base a bit it has a very different atmosphere than the mini. I also think the skin tone has a bit too much red in it. Otherwise another fantastic piece.

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    Very nicely made. I also think that the skin is too red, but otherwise great paint. My personal taste - stand I would opt for a smaller, but everyone sees it differently. Cheers Daniela

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