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    Default Paintin Nasier

    Got the kickstarter delivered. Couldn't be happier with the models :D

    Played a half dozen games with the Nasier now and really like the rules set.

    I thought i would would start a hobby thread, I should add to it gradually. Just following the studio scheme for now.

    next up will likely be the kingdom death mercenary.

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    nice! I will follow this

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    lol good to see you are working hard :-)

    Nice looking models

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    I think that's the first fell hammer I have seen, thanks for posting.

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    Thanks for sharing, the minis look great dude.

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    Very nice, would you mind sharing what paints/washes you used?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Capn Blackheart View Post
    Very nice, would you mind sharing what paints/washes you used?

    Sure thing man :)

    I work with a wet palette, I use citadel paints (and some p3) and I tend to just mix what colours I want.

    I'l just give the obvious ones, if you want anymore info or it's not clear feel free to ask.

    The pelegarth skin I thought looked slightly purple so I started by mixing Naggaroth night (purple) and black, then added a fair amount of white to get a light grey with a slight purple lean. Once I painted a layer of this I just added more white and highlighted the skin.

    For the armour on the fel hammer I tried to copy the artwork, it's very dark but has a brown look to it which I though looked cool.
    So I mixed mournfang brown and black for the base, probably 2 parts black to 1 part brown. Maybe less brown. Then I added a little mechanicus grey but I only highlighted the armour a little. I did take a thin brush and add a lot of grey into the mix to paint on some battle damage, scratches etc

    I have never had much luck painting red so the Nasier are a good excuse to learn, red areas I started with wazdakka red with a touch of black, highlighted with wazdakka, then with wazdakka mixed with blood red, then final highlighted with blood red on its own. If I want a lighter highlight than that best tip I heard was add a touch of white and a touch of yellow. It stops the highlight going pink :)
    The red is the only think I inked, I just use reikland fleshshade straight. I find a browner ink works well over the red

    let me know if anything isn't clear :)

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    Very nice! The red skin is top notch. Looking forward to more.

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    Been awhile between replies.. So we had our first wrath of kings event on the weekend.
    The event had prizes for best painted so a few friends who play all started egging each other on to get fully painted and have a crack at the event!

    The event was yesterday, and as a result I have a fully painted skirmish size force

    I have a few shots that we were sending around to each other while getting ready, I will try and get a decent army shot later. But will def post more pics

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    Looks great. Can't wait to see the full skirmish force.

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    That Longhorn is lovely. Wish mine looked as good!

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    still havent taken a full group shot of the skirmish force but here is one I took while working on the kingdom death merc

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    Remembered to set up the skirmish force that I took. Apologies only iphone pics. If anyone wants a closer shot of anyone thing let me know.

    I was super chuffed to win best painted at our small event and I managed to win a Greathorn which I didn't get in the kickstarter :D so I'm smashing that out now, fantastic model. Will have some pics soon. Going to town on him

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    They are looking great - though, dare I suggest that you push the highlights a bit up. Your shadows are great, and the colors are nice and smooth, so if you go for some thin lights on horns, shield edges etc, this will truly be masterful.

    As for closeup - yeah, I'd really like to see a pelegarth up close, I'm doing mine in the next batch (just started the specialists now).

    Edit: Never mind, just had to look up the thread. Thanks!

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    Thanks for the feedback. Good assessment and advice. I have always painted darkly for some reason. Do try to push the highlights and get the colours to pop more but struggle also haven't painted a red army before, great fun playing around with a new palette.

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    Yeah, I've also been afraid of pushing the highlights - but I've managed to convince myself that it is the way to go. I suggest that you check out Demihuman's WIP, and his Ashman here:

    I got a lot of good input from there, if you check the posts from Demi and Bloodfather later on, you can also get some great suggestions on what colors to use. I'm quite pleased with the results I got with the help of Demi and BF.

    Here is the page BF talks about:

    It's crazy good.

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    Really loving these. You definitely deserved that award. Hope to see that Greathorn painted up soon!

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    Woo finally finished the Great horn. Such a fantastic fig. I managed to get myself stuck by working out of my personal order, go too excited and prepared and started painting the model before I prepped the base.. So almost stopped altogether while I tried to get the base done around the half finished fig ><

    I pretty much copied the box art for colours. The scheme is so different from recent things I painted that it's a great deal of fun to simply try and emulate.

    I took a few pics because due to only having phone camera the colour kept coming out very different and not at all like real life..

    Cant wait to get him in a game




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    Nice and clean, as always, and I agree with you - very fun model to paint. I just finished mine as well, still need to base it. Going to make bases for all my remaining Nasier this week.

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