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    when a hero attacks a square with two monsters in it, lets say an orc and a goblin. The hero chooses to attack the goblin, is the orc then also allowed to fight back?
    It would be nice to get some insight for that situation.

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    Deleted once I re-read the rules
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    Gotta disagree with Carrots. If you target a Close monster, only the targeted monster get a payback. If you target a monster that's not Close, all Close Monsters get a Guard reaction in addition to the targeted monster's Payback. In both cases, only the Goblin gets an attack.

    P.S. You should remove the duplicate thread.

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    Thanks for the clarification. I tryed to delete the duplicate post. But there was no delete button.

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    What if you attack an Orc with a range attack (lets say 4 fields away) and there is a goblin standing on the same field as the Orc. Will the Goblin react?

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    Nope. The only way the goblin would be able to get a payback reaction is if you used something like nova bolt that let you target an additional creature.
    Then the monster controller would get to choose which target gets to take the payback reaction.

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    Thank you for your quick answer! Would you kindly look up my other thread also ^^'?

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