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    With the up incoming, pending arrival of our WoK orders I put together a Escalation style league. I figured this would be the best time to do one seeing how all of us at my local gaming group would be starting at the same level. This is by no means is a finished document and I wrote this to benefit my local guys. Feel free to use this with your local groups. The following is what I posted on our private facebook page.


    There is no actual “Escalation” League for Wrath of Kings, so I’m adapting one of my own. The rules are as follows. I took the level of battles from the downloaded rule book off the website. I feel like the download makes things progress a little faster. The rules can be changed to better suit our Meta as things progress and would love feedback. Weeks 1 and 2 will not have a motivation because we should use this time focus on basic mechanics of the game and we’ll dive into rest during week 3. No rank 2 characters to be allowed till week 4.
    Entry is $5 dollars which will be put into prizes.

    Campaign Points (I named it this because the armies of the five kingdoms are trying to push out the others to take over all of arcadia.)
    1 point for playing a game
    1 point for winning a game
    1 point for completing your armies motivation (this ability will not be available in the first week or so.)

    Hobby Points
    3 points for painting a Leader model
    2 points for painting a Specialist model
    1 point for painting an Infantry model
    +1 point for painting a Character model
    Everyone should have access to the same combination of hobby points if they paint everything.

    Only one person may win each of the following.
    The "General" award will go to the person who has earned the most Campaign Points
    The "Virtuous" award will go to the person who has earned the most Hobby Points
    The "Ancient King’s Prodigy" will go to the person who has exceptional talent in both his campaign and Hobby
    Prizes to be determined by the event organizer

    The Campaign

    Week 1
    Intro level force
    Command Value: (5)
    Leader Ranks: x2
    Infantry Rank: x12
    No Options/No Motivations

    Week 2
    Skirmish level force
    Command Value: (5)
    Leader Ranks: x2
    Infantry Rank: x12
    Specialist: x2
    No Options/No Motivations

    Week 3
    Battle level force
    Command Value: 5 (7)
    Leader Ranks: x3
    Infantry: x18
    Specialist: x2
    No Options

    Week 4
    Battle level force
    Command Value: 5 (7)
    Leader Ranks: x3
    Infantry: x18
    Specialist: x2
    Options: x2
    Infantry: x3
    Specialist: x1

    Week 5 & 6
    Siege level force
    Command Value: 7 (9)
    Leader Ranks: x5
    Infantry: x30
    Specialist: x4
    Options: (x4)
    Infantry: x3
    Specialist: x1

    Thanks again guys

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    Looks good! Hopefully once the model hit retail I will run something similar. Let us know how it goes!

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    I think an escalation league is a great way to give people experience playing the game and slowly grow the required amount of minis to play with (and inspire players to paint). However I think modifying the suggested game sizes out of the gate with no real experience of how the different sized games play is a mistake. Yeah I am definitely interested in figuring out how to play bigger games too, but changing things around doesn't seem like the best idea in a learn how to play the base game sort of league. I would suggest having your schedule look like this:

    Week 1: Intro Games
    Week 2: Intro Games or Skirmish Games, No options are aloud to be taken
    Week 3: Skirmish Games
    Week 4: Skirmish Games or Battle Games, No options are aloud to be taken
    Week 5: Battle Level games, all options aloud
    Week 6: Battle level games, all options aloud

    This format will allow those that did not get in on the KS to join in once the first wave of products are released simply by purchasing a Starter box. Then they can choose what they want to add for weeks 5 and 6 be it more infantry or a rank 2 spec. Depending on when the league starts perhaps the wave two minis will be available also and they will have access to more options.

    Also I would suggest changing up your paint scoring to 30mm are 1 point, 40mm are 2 points, 50mm models are 3pts, 80mm models are 4pts, and add +1 for a character model (maybe leave the +1 for character model out for your first league as only KS backers will have access to character models for a while). To help balance paint and playing you should also probably change the scoring to 2pts for play, 3pts for a win. Also I think your "Overall" award should just be called "Ancient King".

    Good ideas and if I can get a group going in my area (instead of the 3 of us right now that backed the KS) I will probably try to running something similar.

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