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    Just wondering what people are using as gaming tokens for WoK?
    I had an idea to paint new flat bottle caps with some freehand work, as I dont think CMoN have bought any out yet?

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    I thought about making some, but besides "markers" for objectives, Resonate, and wound counter I wasn't able to definitively figure out any other tokens that needed to be made. Maybe a token for Auras that are active to help track them and Elemental Fury on the Fel Hammers to help remind you to take the will check at the end of a models activation. I am currently using Glass beads of various colors and some plastic chits I picked up randomly at a con several years back. I'd probably end up printing them out and gluing them to 20mm x 20mm square mdf base I have kicking around.


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    There are also activation tokens too. I can imagine it getting rather complicated in larger games when try to remember who has activated and who has not, especially when models are stuck in battle and new ones charge in.
    Morale tokens could be useful, although glass beads could be put in a tub for this, since most people have these to hand like HuronBH. I would steer away from using them for effects though, unless you produce a colour chart so the enemy can see it too.

    How about motivation markers for each faction? The Zelak in a video I watched was required to bribe a model, another glass bead was used for this too. I just think it would be a cool idea to get official looking tokens as it makes the game look more professional imho.

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    As I have a 1" hole punch and beadaholique acrylique adhesive covers a simple high quality pdf of 1 inch round tokens would do the trick for me nicely.

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    I've been using the old tokens from the original Descent board game. It has little heart tokens for damage, fiery sweat tokens for showing who's activated already, and big skull tokens for marking leaders/objectives. Looks cool and works pretty well too.

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    Some interesting ideas here. I too have a hole punch that I mainly use to cut out Infintiy tokens from the boxes and then laminate them. Im thinking of using a laser cutter too to make specific tokens. Not sure how I would depict resonate though, maybe a spring or a speaker type shape?
    Different cube as shown of the mini market are also useful, but could become confusing unless you have a list of what your counters mean. If you are at a competitio though, I feel a standardised set would be useful, unless your counters are really easy to understand, like having the word Action, Objective, life etc etc. I do really hope they bring an official set out thouh, as I think it would help support the game better.

    Maybe in time we will see mlre pictures of what people use. I really liked the hearts that the official video uses.

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    I suspect most of the acrylic tokens companies will have some soon.
    at least one of the companies I listed does custom work.

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