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    i just looove the empire characters

    your paintingstation is suspiciously clean though!
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    Hey thanks guys! Yeah I spent a little extra time on the empire characters. And here's the finale on the Ultramarines and a Nurgle Blighking I threw together in a couple days for a bit of fun. I was pretty relaxed with the paint job on the Nurgle dude and took the opportunity to try out a bunch of Citadel's technical paints for the first time. I enjoyed working with them and will probably use them again once I get around to the remaining models.

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    Lovely blues
    1. 'Painting is a companion with whom one may hope to walk a great part of life's journey.' W. Churchill
    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    Wow! I like those ultramarines a lot, they are almost shining!
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    WWay to go Mr paint thy stuff!!!!

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    Hi guys, been a while to say the least since my last update... good to see the forums are still somewhat active though! Where to pickup from hmm, well in spite of moving from Brisbane to Melbourne, starting a company then closing it down, moving to the UK to work there, then escaping back to Melbourne to avoid the first covid outbreak soon followed by another move to Sydney... I have been fortunate enough to manage to find some time to paint minis =D Lo and behold, here are some fruits of intermittent labour.

    With more to follow soon

    First up is a Dire Avenger who got a new paintjob, trialling a new theme, a new background, and a little helmet freehand:
    Name:  Eldar Dire Avenger.jpg
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    And second is a model which just arrived in the mail, a sick Wood Elves dragon from the 90's, out-of-production metal. This model really captures the imagination, which in my view is what mini painting is all about! There are a few really nice paint jobs of this guy in the CMON gallery, looking forward to giving this bad boy a seriously epic paint job to join the ranks:

    Name:  Wood Elf Dragon.jpg
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    I've also been thinking about how to tackle this paintjob for a while. Definitely and fan of the green and yellow which the previous owner applied but I'm going to start the fresh job off with a blue basecoat before moving to the yellows and greens. Looking forward to getting creative with some forest-themed freehand on the massive wings too.

    While I was waiting for the model to arrive in the mail I decided to have a go at painting up my own green forest dragon, taking inspiration from the model and applying my own interpretation of how the colours from the theme might look:
    Name:  Forest Dragon.jpg
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    I found this exercise helpful as I was suprised to learn that pink complements the green nicely. So great, now I have another work in progress. Haha! Anyway, really I am just very excited about painting this model XD
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    Welcome back it is not the same activity here as before but some of us are still posting here from time to time.

    work is boring when it gets in the way of my painting.

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    Had a look through your work. I love how vibrant your painting style is. Your models really pop. Great stuff.

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    Hey thanks for the re-welcome Kretcher and cheers for the compliment Gemini. Although it might be quieter I'm still glad to have somewhere to document progress, slow as it may be!

    Just finished soaking the dragon beast in a glass of 95% ethanol to strip the old paint and glue off. Was a bit of an experiment as I wasn't sure the ethanol would work, but it's all I had and the paint came off super easy with a steel BBQ brush. Cleaned up the mould lines with a file and the next step is pinning, glueing, and green-stuffing.

    I ended up bending and extending the neck upwards to have the beast looking towards the horizon, which is lifted up from the original orientation and I think looks a little better. Will post pics once the green stuff has dried and it's ready for priming
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    CMON WIP: Painting level up! WIP
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    That dragon looks really cool and welcome back after the extended break

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