WoK ceased UK distribution?
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Thread: WoK ceased UK distribution?

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    Default WoK ceased UK distribution?

    Anyone thinking the same? Since over a week ago, no new people receiving their pledge. Despite numerous questions regarding this via multiple forums and networking sites, still no official statements..... REALLY!
    I dont mind that none backers have got their armies before me, but to not hear any response from CMoN is insulting tbh when it appears that distribution has ceased.....

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    ...and another 5 days gone past, why has EU shipping stopped?

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    Just got a reply along with a few other people that itll be delivered Monday.
    Despite this, I think the most orrying thing ith WoK is how little value the people are viewed in regards to communication. 5 days this threed has been on this 'Official' forum and not a dicky bird of a response!!! Pfft talk about lazy and ignorant!!!

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    UK backer here, I received my tracking email late this afternoon so they are moving again it seems.
    Hope everyone gets theirs soon.

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    From talking to the CMoN guys at the Atlanta Scifi Expo shipping from the UK facility has not stopped. Just cause people are not posting that they have received them does not mean they are not getting them.

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    But then all of a sudden every post again that they ARE now recieving them. I dont really mind either way tbh, its just the customer related comms are dire at best. I feel that I could log into a washing machine self help website and be stimulated better tbh. I dont even know of any moderators names, let alone if they exist or not. Hardly great in an industry run on hype and excitement now is it?

    If you know where this game is heading or if they have plans for new factions or play styles, future conventions? I love the models ive seen at the club, nothing wrong there. But I know more about the future plans of Kelloggs corn flakes than I do of WoK.... :P

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    It can need 1-2 weeks until a package arrive within the EU, so it is not unusual that some backers got their stuff earlier or later.

    About future plans for WoK it is little early or not?
    Some of the stuff will be soon in retail.
    There was stuff released with the WoK Kickstarter that would normally need years to get released.

    In the moment it is better to let people play a while with the 5 factions and paint them. Also let new people get stuff through retail.

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    I agree in most parts except every compny will have a 5 year plan, so its not to early yet imho. Yes people should have time to play with their new shiney toys, but what about those that do nlt have their stuff yet? Guess they may be thinking about another companies shiney toys and how engaging their companies areand before long WoK has ceased to exist because they have found something in a different elsewhere while tbey were waiting etc.
    How about at least acknowledging the existance of thier backers?

    They could say something like, "Sorry X is taking a little longer than anticipated, here is Y to keep you occupied in your wait" its basic audience engagent, what we have atm is complete and utter silence.....

    Whilst people are still awaiting their pledges, I am sure the team involved with WoK are not all sat at their desks thinking, 'nah, we dont have to work today, people havent got their stuff yet' So what have they been up to? Who are they? Do they actually play the game, if so which faction do they enjoy and why? Are there further concepts they wish to share? Any plans for further books and other merchandise? When membersof the public are having to state these very basic things, something is wrong imho.
    All I ask is to be engaged, or else people will find something else that will engage them. Im not suggesting we all make big banners and wave them around, just to at least attempt that you are interested in your own product. Because if you are not, why should anyone else?

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