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    Default Intro Bat Rep- Nasier v Nasier (No pics)

    Hi guys. So I played an intro level game last night against my gf as a belated V-day gift to me. She is not a gamer, and actually sorta hates most games. She’s played a few other demos of other games with me, but more out of kindness than interest in the game. Complicated rules and abstract concepts are less than fun for her. So with that in mind, I knew I had to keep this short and sweet to keep her from tilting.

    I recently received my Kickstarter rewards in the form of a brick-ton of Nasier. I’ve been gluing like crazy to get enough models together to split them into 2 intro level sized forces. Those Ashmen back spikes are cool, but man do they take some time to assemble. Once I had 12 Ashmen and 12 Bloodmasks to go along with all of my other specialists and leaders, I arranged my forces of awesomeness on the table separated by rank and type of model. My girlfriend (Erika) selected 2 Pelegarth Howlers as her leaders, the horned one as her commander, 12 Bloodmasks as her infantry (all that I had too, so so much for me getting to try them out) and Shadrus Arikim as her Rank 2 specialist (the horned guy with a hammer, no wings). I chose 2 Ashmen Hakars, the spear wielding one as my commander, 12 Ashmen, and a Rathor and Long Horn as my Rank 1 specialists.

    We then picked our Motivations. Since she was somewhat obliged to play this with me due to this being a “gift”, she chose Duty- Escort Civilians (get 2 30mm civilian objectives to my C DZ. For each one you do, opponent loses 2 Morale). Wanting to try the other side of the coin, I chose Vengeance- Burn It Down (have a leader model interact with the objective. When it does, remove it and opponent loses 2 Morale).

    We set up the table so there was a small building in the middle of No Man’s Land, with a 50mm Objective on either side (slightly less than 4” away but hey). There was a hill 12” or so to the right of the building, and a small forest near the middle left of the table, making a little funnel towards the objective there. Erika had set it back as far away from me as she could, while I had put mine up as close as possible to my forces. We then deployed all of our guys zone by zone, her Bloodmasks forming 2 groups, 4 infantry and a Howler on the left flank, the rest of the girls with the commander on the right. Arikim hung back in the B center line. My Ashmen formed a single line, my Hakar leader in the back on the left, my Hakar commander on the right. The right side was anchored by a Rathor, and my Longhorn roamed out front on the C start line across from the not-so-distant-from-him objective.She put a civilian Objective in base to base with a Bloodmask on both flanks. We both checked our starting Morale value which was a healthy 7, and we were off!

    Round 1

    I said that I should go first, just so I could start to show her how things work, but we rolled for initiative anyways for “fun”. She won. Disregarding that roll, I promptly combined activated (reffered to as CA from now on) 5 of my right flank Ashmen, who maneuvered and sprinted up 11” straight forward, spacing out about 1” apart. Her turn, she declared a 3 woman CA and linked the Bloodmask in the back of her smaller group on the left to her Objective, forfeiting the other 2’s action. They then moved forward 6” towards the 50mm Objective on her side.

    Next turn, I moved up my Longhorn 11” towards the far Objective, threatening her advanced group and their package. Just to save time on the play by plays, I’ll paraphrase now. She ran up the rest of her small group (leader Howler and Bloodmask) to support her forward group. Arikim ran up to join them. The other large group of Bloodmasks ran up as well, staying in base to base to benefit from Shield Wall with the one escorting the Civilian hanging back with the Commander Howler. My Ashmen continued to run forward, 4 splitting off to support my Longhorn on the left side of the building, the other 8 spreading out to engage the big group coming my way on the right. The leader Hakar went to the left, the Commander to the right, each keeping as many Ashmen as possible within their SOI. The Rathor ran out to the right side flank, looking to angle in some magic attacks next turn.

    Round 2

    We rolled for imitative, with no bonuses since we were both at 7 Morale. I rolled a 10, despite some grumbling about it looking like a 0. I was torn between engaging her front rank on the right with my Ashmen or sending in the Longhorn against the 2 Bloodmasks in front of the distant Objective. I decided to play with the bigger of my new toys first, and sent the Longhorn crashing in. He moved up 7” to contact both ladies and attacked the closer one with 2 dice, and 1 on the other. I rolled a block and strike on the first one. She used Evasion (1) to lower the strike to an evade result and dodged the blow. I rolled a 10 on the one behind her, an Overpower, and lopped off her head. Shield Wall and Evade proved useless in that case.

    Revenge her eyes, Erika activated Arikim. After I pointed out how many Parry results my Longhorn had and that magic attacks ignore Parry, she decided to soften him up with Arikims magic attack. He moved up to just with 8” and blasted my Longhorn with his spell, rolling a 9 and a 10, one-shoting him! I thought it might hurt a little, but wasn’t unprepared to lose my 3 wound monster to a 2 dice attack.

    My turn, I CA’d the lead 3 Ashmen on my right flank off of my Commanders SOI. They moved up and engaged a single Bloodmask each to get their Duelist/Offensive Mastery ability up. 2 flubbed their attacks, their swords clanging off rounded shields and shoulders, while the third struck one down.

    In response, she CA’d 4 Bloodmasks next to the building, including one escorting a civilian, and moved up between the structure and the 50 mm Objective, making it more difficult to flank them. She was unconcerned about the 3 Ashmen on their flanks who had already activated, and could probably be dealt with later in the turn.

    This is where things get a little hazy, since I’m not used to the alternating activation format of WoK yet, and the models were all the same plastic grey. Basically, I move up my Ashmen, the 4 on the left walking up to engage the Bloodmask near that Objective and kill a couple. They Knockback a couple in response a kill one, denying my a Retaliatory Strike since the model killed was not engaged. Also, as note, we forgot about inspirations until round 3 or 4, so none of that was going on now. On the right flank, she kills 2 of the 3 Ashmen that moved up to engage her models in the beginning of the turn, including an attack from her Commander Howler. The dying strike of one my Ashmen takes a Bloodmask with him. In the center of the table near the 50 mm Objective closer to me, my Ashmen advance and make short work of 2 of his Bloodmasks and engage the other, one on one. My Rathor walks up and throws a blast at Bloodmask, bouncing an attack at the lady with the civilian. The target survies with a block, but the escort dies, dropping the Objective. Her remaining Bloodmasks My Commander moves up to torch the Objective while staying fairly far back to avoid harm. This, combined with causalities she has taken already, drops Erika’s Morale to 4. My other Hakar floats over to the left flank and holds his torch ready, looking for a chance to light up the remaining Objective while keeping my left flan in his SOI. That is roughly where Round 2 ended, with me at 6 Morale and Erika at 4.

    Round 3

    Erika wins initiative this time, after I roll a cocked 10/4 (come on!), I reroll and roll a 1, same as her, but she gets the +1 due to being at a lower Morale. She starts off beating up on my Ashmen on the left flank with a 3-woman CA, killing 2 Ashmen with knockback attacks. She even manages to wound my Leader by shield-bashing a banner-carrying Ashmen into him and dealing a strike.

    In retaliation, I CA’d the 2 remaining Ashmen on that flank and my wounded Hakar. He bravely backed away after measuring to see that he was just out of range to attack Arikim. The other 2 Ashmen hold their ground and slay the remaining Bloodmask on the left, leaving the Leader Howler all alone.

    Back on the right flank, Erika’s surviving Pelegarths near the building start heaving my guys around, killing 2 with Knockback attacks. My Ashmen kill 2 more from that group, leaving one remaining in the swirling melee with 2 hanging further back. On the far right flank up field, after a flurry of attacks, counter attacks and retaliatory strikes, our warriors kill each other off so there is only a Bloodmask, her Commander and a single Ashmen left. We are both at 3 Morale now. My Commander kills the last Bloodmask near him, and my Rathor fails to harm the Howler Commander with his magic attack, or kill the bounce target. Meanwhile Arikim links up with the left flank Objective, scooping up the little monster model in his brawny arms. The two Pelegarths in the back move up, one linking to the Civilian Objective, the other Knockbacking an Ashemn into my Commander, rolling a 10 and dealing 2 damage! Damn! We end Round 3 with me at 3 Morale, Erika at 2. Close.

    Round 4

    With so few models left and our Morale dangerously low, this Initiate roll is going to be big. I win the roll, despite Erika’s +1 bonus. I see that my wounded Leader is within torching range of her Objective, which would win me the game. Erika starts talking about how hard it’s been to kill my last Ashman on the left engaging her Howler though, and with the Hakar’s inspire rule I decide to forgoe the sure win and try something flashier, like killing a leader. I figured I could burn the Objective later that turn. I fail specatularly to kill her Leader however, rolling all 1’s and 2’s.

    With a gleam in her eye, Erika then activates Arikim, who moves up 7” and puts the Civilian in my C DZ, dropping me to 1 Morale. He then pivots and attacks my Hakar with his magic attack, rolling a 2 and a… 10!, dealing 2 strikes and killing my leader, dropping my Morale by 1 to 0 for the win. Curses!

    I did not expect that last part to happen, but I should have learned from before, when Arikim trounced my Longhorn. After the game we talked about how I could have just torched the Objective first, but Erika revealed that she deliberately talked up the fight between my Ashmen and her Howler in order to entice me to attack her and not go for the Objective. And I totally “fell” for it. I was so proud of her I could have cried.

    It was my first game with the updated rules, her first ever, and it was a lot of fun. The rules were easy to follow and we got a good handle on things pretty quickly. If you noticed anything that we did wrong, please feel free to comment, since we’re still just starting to learn how to play. Thanks for reading and I hope to see more battle reports here!

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    Nice report! My wife similarly only plays most games with me out of pity or with just a passing interest...then along came Wrath of Kings. She loves the one roll system and the sweet models. reading the fluffy story about Ooroth and Alyana Heska sold her on the game and now we played multiple games already and she's painting like mad.

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