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    I'm new to mini painting. I want to get really good. I really like the gw style and want to try to copy it. Here I want to do high contrast edge highlighting as opposed to having a light source. It took me 4 hours to do that side of the face but a lot of that time is me figuring out how to use the paint. I notice that light colors are very chalky and need to be extremely thin to the point where the first application is not even visible. Also I notice that I have to soak out almost all the water or the paint runs everywhere. This guy is so small that I'm using paint on primer instead is spray primer so I don't obscure the details. I find that I enjoy the satisfaction of finishing a full shadow plus highlight and like to do only part of the mini in each sitting so that I don't have to wait days for the joy of seeing a finished paint job. All advice and critiques welcome. Also I'm starting w something extremely small so I don't get discouraged. My hero is dareen lantham head of evay metal. He says that his basic single figure minis take him 2-3 days of working 8 hours a day, so even though I'm new I want to focus on quality right fm the start and don't care how long it takes me to paint.

    Oh oh also in just using three colors. Goblin green as base coat. Dark angles green as shadow and rotting flesh as highlight.
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    Nice smooth and tidy painting. The step from dark to midtone is a bit harsh, get a few glazes on to decrease the 'step'
    Keep posting!
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    This is very cool,if you don't 2 brush blend the shadows and the highlights ,then Def agree with tel ball a few yellow green glazes will help unify the layering you've worked so hard to paint on.more posts bud ,your doing fantastik.

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    LOL I have bunch of old snotlings painted from the 90's they are cool! Welcome

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    Thanks for all the advice and warm welcome!
    i see what you mean about the transition being harsh. I don't think that glaze is going to be enough to salvage him. I decided to start another snotling instead ������.
    This time I tried to focus on creating as smooth the blend as possible. I added ork flesh wash and Skull white too because I realized that I needed more colors to get a smoother transition. Also I realized that having an imaginary light source looks better. Zenthil highlighting means highlights come from above? I'm not really sure how gw places highlights, but Im deff not sure about my highlight placements...
    Please any more feedback is great I feel like your advice has made a big improvement so far
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    Great eyes - you've done some kind of art before, have you not?

    Starting another is actually not a bad idea, you'll get a record of your progress that way. And since it is 'just' a snotling you can afford to do it, too. Time-wise it is probably worth it.

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    yep, eyes are impressive and you have got the blends less harsh than before
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    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    That's very good work there definitely better blending
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    Much much better.....smooth and very nice symmetrical eyes.

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    I believe from the discussions I've had with some of the eavy metal team they use four diff imaginary lights front left front right and rear left rear right,think about X marks the spot ,these are front and rear and above on a slight angle.hope this there was an article in the white dwarf books however I forgot which won.

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    Well done!

    Blood, I think the one you are thinking of is a short NMM article by Darren Latham. I don't know if they have carry idea in general. A lot of the time they seem more to try to more in general enhance and clarify volumes rather than use imagined light sources.

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    Thanks for all the support/feedback! I'm stilling working slowly but consistently. I've been reading a lot of how to paint GW minitures guides. Even though they don't have any blending or advanced technique I learned a lot from them. when I'm trying to choose where to place s highlight I just imagine where the most prominent highlights would go if I dry brushed it.
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    I watched jermie benomounts dvd and my ability to apply paint smoothly and blend has improved. His face and left arm/hand look rougher than the rest of him cuz I painted that before watching the dvd. I plan on doing the axe in nmm. It takes forever but I enjoy every little part of painting.
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    You have jumped up a level whike just painting this mini
    Youve got the highlights just right, you could go even darker in the shadows.
    More glazing to tie in the blends and i reckon you will have a knockout mini there mate
    1. 'Painting is a companion with whom one may hope to walk a great part of life's journey.' W. Churchill
    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    Nice little booger , do you wet blend or paint dry on dry . He's too small for my dodgy old eyes

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    I was looking at the gw snotlings and you're right ten ball I think I can get even darker shadows I'm gonna try that. I didn't wet blend. In jeromies dvd he shows a technique where his wet pallet is soaked in paint and water so it's pretty thin then he gets just the tip of the brush in the paint and applies it in layers. That's what I've been doing. He also talks about when to mix the highlight into the base color to prevent rings that can occur from layering colors that are too different. It's pretty time consuming but I make a lot of mistakes. I bet once I get better I'll be able to go faster. Just his foot for example took me an hour, but I enjoy it

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