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    Cool [ Kickstarter ] Miniature Gaming Sceneries

    With an iron fist, you lead your armies on the battlefield in the hopes of crushing your enemies. These battlefield sceneries are more than mere decorations. A great general will use them to his advantage and win the day!

    Talk to any wargamer out there and all of them will agree: a superb battlefield adds a special dimension to the gaming experience. Why should you settle for a simple game table that doesn’t reflect your expectations and that won’t do justice to the magnificence of your armies?

    THMiniatures presents a Kickstarter campaign about a wide range of high end resin scenery items for your 28 to 32mm tabletop miniatures games! These pieces are cast in the best resin available on the market, making them shock resistant as well as easy to paint and to carry around. They feature an impressive amount of details and are also modular so that you can create varied and awesome looking battlefields for Warmachine and Hordes!

    Kickstarter Campaign

    By using this Kickstarter, we can bring these superb set piece assortments to your game table, and hopefully, many others afterwards. Therefore, THMiniatures does not intend to stop development at the end of the campaign but rather wants to further explore the realm of possible set thematics and breathe new life into the hobby market. Reaching out to you not only makes it possible to bring this project to life, but also lets you benefit from exclusive offers to this Kickstarter campaign.

    Generals of all kind, THMiniatures is counting on you!
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    FUNDED !!!!

    You all did it! The project has now been financed! For those who haven't pledged yet, get in on the action and enjoy the goals that will be unlocked along the way.

    Kickstarter Campaign

    We have a new stretch goals !

    Thank you all for partaking in this adventure
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    Adepticon is boiling in Illinois! And to mark this occasion, we will unveil the next theme: Volcanic!

    It is in the ash and the heat that your next battles will be conducted. This new thematic includes more than a dozen pieces: craters, stalagmites, and other dark rift structures that will give your game table an intense glow. It's to the rhythm of lava flow that your troops will be marching victorious and to the sound of the cracking earth that their hymns will be heard.

    Kickstarter Campaign

    and a new stretch goal !

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