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    during our game today we were wondering if wisp could open doors while in the monsters square? and does that trigger guard reaction?

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    maybe I wasn't explaining it right. so we were playing the monor, and wisp opened the door and entered the room with the hammerbeastman, then he opened the next door in the same square as the hammerbeast man and moved out of the room. so the question is two parts, can wisp open a door while a monster is alive in the square? and if he can open the door to run out would the opening the door trigger the guard reaction?

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    Only moving from a Guarded square and ranged Attacks will trigger a Guard Reaction, opening doors doesn't. Any Hero can open the door even if there is a Monster in their square.

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    that's what we figured, dang, wisp is a sneaky bugger.

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    Quote Originally Posted by the Bruce View Post
    that's what we figured, dang, wisp is a sneaky bugger.
    The Manor + Wisp usually equals an easy reward item for that guild.

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