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    Hi all,

    Very new to 40k with my son and I getting started with the dark vengeance & crimson slaughter packs at Christmas. We've been wanting to get into it for a while now but with my son being autistic we're always very hesitant when getting involved with his latest obsession.

    ive loved building the miniatures and had a dabble at Hellbrute conversions but not very confident when painting and was hoping to get a few pointers. I've watched a load of helpful clips on YouTube but they don't really help when you have questions about technique

    Looking forward to being able to contribute to the site in the future.

    many thanks

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    Hi all,

    thought id pop a few update pics up. Been you tubing like crazy and found some helpful stuff about thinning your paints and using the correct brush for the most appropriate application so tried to apply some of it to the below. Still struggling with getting a smooth finish though
    read some interesting stuff about wet palettes so thinking of making my own and giving it a go on the final Hellbrute, anyone have any experience with wet palettes and would be willing to give me some advise on this and/or gaining a smoother finish?

    many thanks
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    Try posting this in the Painting and Conversions section, you will get a lot more replies.
    Maybe a Mod can move?

    If you search the forums here, there are tips for wet pallets.

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    Thanks Trevor, that makes total sense. I saw that few others had posted about their painting experience in the 40k section and assumed it would be ok to post mine.

    forgive me, I'm totally new to the whole forum thing.

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    Hey your painting skills look great!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SoulRebel View Post
    Hey your painting skills look great!
    I like the metal work. I've had a half finished Pred sitting around for ages.

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    Cheers dudes!..the pred was the first 40k model I painted.

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    really liking the hellbrutes!! very creative

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    I think your stuff looks pretty good. I played Fantasy Battle way back in my 20's, and now I'm 45 and after doing nothing but historicals for the past decade or so I've gotten into 40k, like you because of my son. I also picked up the Dark Vengeance set and plan on fielding a Nurgle army. These are the only pics I have so far.

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    HM74 your painting skills are great for starting out ! My first lot looked like I'd dipped them in a tin of paint and used my fingers to paint the rest. Practice makes perfect.

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