Daddymaykadarobots...and scratchbuilt new units, Doomsday guuuuuuhun(s).
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Thread: Daddymaykadarobots...and scratchbuilt new units, Doomsday guuuuuuhun(s).

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    Default Daddymaykadarobots...and scratchbuilt new units, Doomsday guuuuuuhun(s).

    Hi All,
    I thought I'd try to build a unit from my bits boxes of random tutt.
    I came up with a scenario idea of a dooms day gun field test. I was thinking a 4 by 2 tile board, the piece is immobile and it's destruction is the opponent's objective.
    I was thinking a mega flack weapon that hits four grids at once rather than one, with maybe a three to five grid range only, BUT you aim at an intersection, then make a one dice roll. On a 5 or 6 you hit the target, on roll of 1 the intersection one forward is the center, roll of 2 goes right, then back then left, like a clock.
    Basically this is to show that the bugs have not been ironed out yet, so accuracy is an issue, meaning on an unfortunate roll your own army could bare the brunt of a miss-placed attack.
    Maybe the intersection in the center is also able to be hit as the air unit flying through the hail of shells can get caught too.

    So I present the Robinson Mark 1 Mega Turret.

    The wings are from a Lego Minifig, main gun is plastic tube, some sort of plug, and a small torch.

    Size comparison.

    Quite happy how this one turned out except the paint job, can't seem to get the right colour. If anyone or Ted can give me a paint number that matches unpainted Allies colour I'd be grateful.

    As went well I thought this scenario would work well in a two way game, so maybe the Blight intercepted part of the blue-prints for the gun and rushed to make their own too.
    So here is the Mark 1 Ausgleich Field Gun

    The Blight symbol on the shield at the front didn't turn out too great unfortunately, but you get the idea, at least the color is a bit closer

    Size comparison
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    Ok, I still want to reiterate that all these post most deff count as spam. Most of these should've been in a single thread.

    Now that that is out of the way. WOW! Just, wow. This is A-MAZING! These look so good. Do tell how you went about them more. Could you do more just like them?
    ~Lieutenant Nathaniel Flint of the Landship Scorpios

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    Sorry for delay to respond, theoretically yes I could make as many as desired if had the same parts or near as dammit, but pretty sure I only got two of the main gun body sections (small torches)
    Had been saving them for a pod racer type robot build for my normal hobby, but the roundedness of them fitted the allies aesthetic to well, especially when coupled with the shield which I think was the main body of a computer mouse.
    I really just wish I had the skill and patience to rivet them all over, like bulldoguk's train but I just dont, buildings giving quicker satisfaction for now.
    Hope that helps a bit, basically raid bits boxes and junk, pull out potential parts, fiddle with until design emerges, be happy and fully intend to put all unused parts back where they were,....find new container to become yet another bits box : )

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