Daddymaykadarobots...and Konig's hunting cabin (Building 6)
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Thread: Daddymaykadarobots...and Konig's hunting cabin (Building 6)

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    Default Daddymaykadarobots...and Konig's hunting cabin (Building 6)

    Hi all,
    As I regularly end up playing as the Blight I thought 'd build a terrain piece for one of my favourite units, Konig, his buff can really tip the balance as long as you monowheels can keep the pounders away, though as 1 armour my regular opponents don't tent to bring those in his range either.
    Anyway here's his home from home in what used to be the forest.
    Made from plasticard strips (gluing those wasn't fun) model plane sprue pieces, two toy animal heads (horns form different one) and some of the wall sections I use for the chimney stack.
    Love to know what you guys think.

    Get off my lawn or I'll set the dogs on you!

    Only so many pics because these boards were a nightmare with the posts already in place, nearly gave up. I'm planning a 2 grid modular barn with slats too, but I'll be doing that very differently.
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    So cool. Love the head on the wall. All of your buildings are great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asatru_Artist View Post
    Can you take a pic of what the original toys/parts looked like before you turned them into these awesome Rivet buildings?
    Seconded. I would like to see a "how-to" on some of these, like the big guns and the landing craft.
    ~Lieutenant Nathaniel Flint of the Landship Scorpios

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