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Thread: Daddymaykadarobots and RW Scratchbuilds (Ongoing Collated Thread)

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    Idea 1: Urban Front. Not just houses and streets, you could include some small garden air-raid shelters & road blocks made up of cars and barrels etc.

    Idea 2: Farm lands: Barns and stables and farming machinery.

    Idea 3: Citadels and fortifications.

    POST 600 - whoot!
    Rivet Wars Scenario Editor -

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    Decar, as always thanks for your community spirit, you hit the nail on the head actually parmans character building will be a barn/stables with haloft and old pony cart (as I've got the perfect leftover bits from other builds)
    Actually went back to a much earlier plan last couple of notes after work, and made a start on my custom ammo box storage for each faction, coming along nicely, and hopefully finish the power station in next few too, dying to do another table spread PIC with that and all else included : )

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    Hey All,
    Been promising updates for ages, so here's what I've been up to. None are quite there yet but at least are a change from the normal stuff I've been showing you.

    (WIP) Build 19; Telberg Power Station.
    Still a little way to go on this as it needs the capacitor/storage vanes type bits to be finished, as well as signage and more piping and control panels. I'll post more close up pics when finished, especially as by putting just two of the four sections together they make some nice little dioramas when populated.
    Main materials were a kids skittle set for the tower, two bubble guns for the turbines and stacks, some tipper sections from the back of some cheap matchbox style cars for the fuel store, and some chopped up cheap dolls house furniture (a lot of which I've saved for the town hall style Brown House I'll be building.

    (WIP) Big build 20; Custom Ammo Crate Storage.
    I've also finally got round to starting the very needed storage for all the minis, its just not the same picking them out of a plastic tub, and my regular partner spreads them everywhere.
    Eventually there will also be a slide out tray on the inside for the remaining air and other units, with each faction having their own box. The trays make finding things and keeping them secure far easier, also when I get round to adding the hinges to the lids it gives you somewhere to stand the stat cards for those units you can't remember. Again better pics when done.
    Burning the crest into the top went OK with the new tool as the wood is only ply so marks well, unfortunately I snapped the screw in nib off trying to straighten it after it had bent, with the thread still in, so that'll be fun to get out.

    (Very WIP) Big Build 21; Custom Ostrich Dice Tower.
    Finally just the one teaser pic of the latest rivet project, the dice tower. Only grey primered so far, but I think I've found a close green to match the Allied colour. Dice go in the barrel, and will then get laid between the legs, well it is a giant chicken : )
    I've nearly finished the tray that it will stand in made from some different cheap wall sections I again found at the 99p store, which worked really well, even if the whole thing has got a bit big. I intend to add some sloped rubble between it's feet to bounce the dice forward into the tray to avoid finally resting tilted.
    Materials were a Pringle tube for the main body, a monitor camera for the belly gun and one of those dust catching cup-type-sleeve thingys that go round drills for the main turret, then various bits of plasticard cladding and other odds and ends. The legs, structurally, will be clad Lego pieces with ear-covers from headsets for the feet. All the rivets are glued on diamontees (no idea how to spell that?) that were in the shape of letters from the Works books shop.
    As always more pics soon, hopefully a lot quicker this time.
    Love to know what you guys think,and again sorry for the attached/repeated images.
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    Hi all,
    Hope you're all liking the last few bits I'm currently doing.
    Small update, the walker's got some legs, done a bit more since, going pretty well.
    It's amazing how quickly something looks better as soon as it all goes the same colour.
    The legs are made from plasticard clad Lego pieces, which I only used as I knew it would give a nice solid structure with perfect square edges to work with.
    As you can see from the pic I had to pull off the two big axle whels to attach everything and change the angle, not fun to pull off, they were very well stuck.
    More updates soon, poss tomorrow if goes well, possibly be green by then : )
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    This thread is amazing! @Daddy, there is so much passion and imagination here. Just fantastic stuff. You have a real life Santa's workshop! Sorry for not commenting sooner. It's so great to see all the things you've just gone out and created.

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    Hi Ted & all,
    Many thanks for your kind words mate, really nice to have you on the thread, will soon take some pics of the other non-rivet wars things I've done, and maybe the workshop too as you're interested.
    But for now got a brief update,

    Build 17, First Overhaul Update/The SeaBird gets Faaaabulous!
    After working on the rivet dice tower, I decided to go back and try riveting some of the other vehicles I'd made, starting with the flying boat.
    The rivets are probably be a bit big, but at least it looks a lot less like a toddlers bath toy now : )
    So here first is the 6 year old girl makeover;

    However with the rivets painted it turned out okay. Also found a twin gun on a tank I bought (yeah £1 too) which worked along with a mini-torch lens to look a little like the Ostrich belly guns.

    Also got a bit further with the main project at the moment,

    Build 21 Custom Ostrich Dice Tower.
    Actually got a great tip for adding rivets to models, from the Mrs no less.
    place the item the side up you want to see on a surface, dot the superglue where required, then take a slightly moistened ear bud/que tip, dab it on the top of what you're sticking, then place it on the model using that. This worked really well, made it sooo much quicker, and stopped my index finger repeatedly sticking to the model, rivet, table or basically anything near me.
    So hope you like it, nearly done constructing, soon be time to change colour.

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    Love it all mate, it's scratch building in its purest form by a master of the art. Keep up the good work!

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    You should have a facebook page for your Rivet Wars stuff. And do some youtube vids of the dice tower in action and some of your other builds!
    ~Lieutenant Nathaniel Flint of the Landship Scorpios

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    Can't bring myself to do Facebook I'm afraid, it's got it's merits but not for me, however I have been meaning to start a deviant art page for years with all my other stuff too, so hopefully will get to it soonish : ).
    Definitely want to take photo of whole table soon, just downloaded and printed off all your scenarios 'masta, particularly looking forward to 'this is my town' and seeing how my buildings look when more compacted together.
    On the point of your scenarios mate, am I right in thinking for 'march on the capital,' the idea is that the blight go first?
    Otherwise as the allies, my first turn would be to spawn at least one pounder and take out the schkitten before it gets a shot off, as already in range?

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    @Daddy - Maybe I could offer to make you a community page on my website to show off your images. I'll need to make a few changes, but it could make some thumbnails instead of links and look a bit like this page: Let me know and I'll see what I can do
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    Hi decar, that would be awesome mate, been thinking about asking you in regards to that but thought I hadn't really contributed to the community/game as a whole, but if you're happy to have my stuff on there just as a gallery that would be so cool mate. Also got a couple of scenarios I came up with yonks ago but couldn't get the editor to play ball (it'll be me, not it, I'm useless with anything that has buttons)
    Just let me know what you'd need, and I'll get the secretary/wife on it : ).
    And sorry for delayed response our router was on the Fritz
    More finished piece posts soon.
    Many thanks

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    OK, good to have you aboard!

    I've knocked something together (it's a bit clunky), but can you drop me an email or a Private message; I can give you the passwords etc. Then you can give it a go!
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    Meant to say earlier: I think we can forgive you a few stray button clicks as you clearly have talents elsewhere!
    Rivet Wars Scenario Editor -

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    Hi Ted and all,
    Once again sorry for the long absence, there's been a fair bit of sickness in the family and I've found myself doing extra in both my jobs the last few weeks, so not done as much rivet building/gaming as I'd like, however got a few small updates for you.

    (Still WIP) Big Build 21 Ostrich Dice Tower.
    Colour now changed and legs finished with extra rivets. Now just need to make sure the exit angle is correct for the dice to fall and construct the slope for the dice to bounce off, so nearly there now. Also there's a friendly local wood butcher (pattern cutter for a cabinet makers) whos cut me a wooden base to fit the walls, so will soon post pics of finished article. so for now...

    Sorry pic does not appear to want to rotate, also not massively happy with angle of the next one either as it looks a bit knee-locked, yes my ostrich may have bee caught short : )

    Next we have another refurb. After how well the SeaBird turned out once it was un-sparkled, I thought I'd finally get to finishing the landing craft. The guns at the back need some more work, but I'm happy enough to post them now. Added rivets, more plasticard banding, and some chains for the doors.

    Aaaaand another quick build.
    I was thinking that as I'm trying to make some themed character buildings, the grunts should have some too. Also I'd said from when the Telberg campaign came out that I would make some tents so I had a go. Then I thought it would be interesting if the infantry actually would fit into them, so hidden from view. My thinking was this could make for different scenario types, like maybe 'The Morning After Victory,' one faction has won a crucial section of the front after a daring raid, but has celebrated a bit too hard and are sleeping off a massive hang-over. Maybe the other team have to destroy the tents in a counter strike. Those sleeping inside can only deploy after rolling a 6 or something?
    I'm not great at this, but there are those who are, and I'd love to hear your ideas, so in tribute to the main contributors in that area, and because it sounds quite cool here is.....

    Build 22 Camp Decarmasta

    These are basically just made of various thicknesses of plasticard, some thin wire, and some tiny tacks for the tent pegs (I think they were for model railways)

    "Bob whats all that banging going on, arrgh my head, I thought the blighters were cleared out last nite?"
    "No Dave, they're back, find some clips you didn't celebrate with and fall in dammit."

    I also thought I'd make some slightly more elaborate ones for heroes too, with the addition of some of the core game capture flags n the tops.
    Can't wait to hear peoples ideas on how these could be used.

    And as a last bit after seeing Amreks post of the onslaught scenario we decided to have a 4 by 4 tile war to 20 victory points. If you have two tile sets I highly recommend it. We played 10 points and 4 rivets per turn, so basically we soon brought out pretty much anything we felt like, it was awesome, many more heroes got a look in than usual.
    We had 6 strategic objectives, a few tank traps and barb wires, with three secret missions and action card hands with a no discard rule. It was really close with me winning on 21 - 20 with the blight, here's the board after the carnage, so much stuff! (Pretty sure I would've gone down hard next turn though-he went first whew)

    That's all for now, Power station so nearly done too, will post pics soon : )
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    Hi all, time for another brief update.
    Quick clarification as I didn't mention it, on last post,. That game shot was where I took my winning turns firing only in part to see what could clear and move where without actually moving the units, as my regular opponent had already exceeded his fiancee's curfew, so declared as a loss and ran : )

    Big Build 21; Ostrich Dice Roller (Finally) Completed.
    Finished it the other day, generally quite happy with it, just occasionally a dice does manage to bounce out, but rarely.
    The only bit that went kinda wrong was the alignment of the tray to the wooden base, which was a couple of mm out on one side, but I'd used so much glue and activator that by the time I noticed there was no way that sucker was coming off.
    Love to know what you guys think, also very chuffed as I managed to get hold of a cheap Mighty Jaxx Mountaineer on Ebay, which was the scale I was going for, and he looks just right on the tray. He isn't attached, just stood there for comparison.
    Name:  P1170178.jpg
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    Name:  P1170179.jpg
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    Name:  P1170180.jpg
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    Name:  P1170181.jpg
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    Thought it might be time for another full table, including the camp and nearly finished Telberg Power Station and residential housing.
    Fluff for pic;
    The Allies, assisted by the SeaBird, launch an all out land and air assault on the unexpecting Blight outpost.
    Have the Allies gained enough of a foot hold to set up their own heavy gun, and silence the Blights imitation?
    Name:  P1170175.jpg
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    Name:  P1170177.jpg
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    As reinforcements arrive by rail to join their fellows streaming from Camp Decarmasta, both sides race to occupy the buildings on the main front.
    Name:  P1170185.jpg
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    Build 23; Residential Housing.
    I also have been trying to think of new building types that I could build as I was running out of ideas. Then I realised that there was nowhere for the rivets to live. So I've decided on the basic house layout, which will be quite small rooms, like old style terrace/factory worker housing. I'm going to do maybe 6 of these so I can make a proper little village, or sit them side by side in rows near a factory etc. They will all be basically the same but in various stages of being destroyed. Each will have the remainder of a fireplace and staircase to make them more clearly houses, and for a few, give access to the second level or what's left of it.
    Name:  P1170182.jpg
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    Name:  P1170183.jpg
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Size:  696.9 KB

    And lastly.
    Build 24; First custom Neutral Unit Miniature, The milkman.
    Name:  P1170186.jpg
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Size:  704.2 KB
    I'm not 100% on his stat-line, but my idea/fluff for him is that he used to be a milkman as a young man before joining up with the Ruskas after a brief stint in the malitia against the Blight invasion.
    However the forces were a little too strict for Milikevi's liking in regards to the 'extras' in the milk he carried.
    Quickly known by the men as the White Ruska after his taste for his ever present drink, and willingness to share, Milikevi was always welcome on the front, becoming seen as good luck, with amazing survival tales of his unit out lasting assault after assault when the bottle got passed around.
    After one such battle where his luck did not hold out and the subsequent court marshal for 'unduly distracting the line' however, Milikevi escaped death by sharing his bottle with the entire firing squad, who missed with every shot.
    released from service, he will fight for any general that will drink with him on the front lines, because, "No-one should be shot at whilst fully sober."

    In-game wise, I was thinking that as an action he can hand his bottle around to any grid within one of him. All units in that grid can only attack and be attacked with one dice this turn, and move a max of one grid, as the men are doubled over coughing and generally wobbling around in a stuper, and couldn't drive a vehicle straight if they tried. Milikev however can attack as usual as he is used to the potent spirits.
    So get him near a hero or full objective and start the victory celebration early!

    So fluff over, I've made a start by trimming off all the unneeded bits from a standard rifleman who had his mouth a little open. The additions will be plasticard, green stuff, a pistol from one of the men that came with the walls I got, and hinges for the bottles from the barriers of the same sets.
    Cutting so far,
    Name:  P1170189.jpg
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    Name:  P1170187.jpg
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    "I don't think I'm gonna make it Murph"
    "Don't worry he'll fix you, he can fix anything...and make you an alcoholic."

    Anyway this will be my first ever use of green stuff, so wish me luck : )
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    Hi all and Ted,
    Small update on what been up to

    Build 24 Complete; First Neutral Custom Unit Milikev 'The Milkman' Mantovitz.

    Hope you guys like him as he's the first of a few ideas that I've got for Neutral heroes/units. I'm intending to stick to neutrals so they can be used on the original factions too in the mean time whilst we wait for the second kickstarter.
    Love to know what you all and especially Ted think of these, if any ideas appeal Ted please feel free to alter them for next kickstarter, I'd be honored to see them done properly.
    I understand that the modelling really isn't great, but in my defense before this I'd never touched wet green stuff before, still all criticism is welcome.
    I'm sticking with my original idea of his special/action, but instead all units only in his grid gain the attack and be attacked by one dice only special (and the move one grid max)
    I also intend to play him as normal himself if action used as he's used to the source so it does not effect him. Was thinking 2 dice on one armour only, maybe one on two armour also, not sure yet.

    Before pics i should probably state that I'm well aware this is quite a stereotypical xenophobic view of a 'Russian,' however I think this can, to some extent, lead to more 'flavor-full' characters.

    Name:  P1170190.jpg
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    Name:  P1170191.jpg
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    Aaaaand painted, had to be white as he's the 'White Ruska.'
    Name:  P1170195.jpg
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    Name:  P1170196.jpg
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    Name:  P1170197.jpg
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    No on-board shot for this but here The Milkman and squad prepare to weather the storm in one of the new part finished house ruins.
    Name:  P1170194.jpg
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    Planned Build 25; The Correspondant
    As with the last hero I'm intending for this character's special to be more non-combative, unlike the official heroes, just so they don't get too 'samey' or repeat those that there already are. I was thinking maybe a 3 and 1 cost, and he is always in the lowest target position on the grid.
    He has no attacks, but those in his grid each make a single dice roll at the start of the combat phase. Those that roll a 5 or 6 get to make a single additional attack that turn, as they are trying to make a name for themselves in front of the camera.Similar to the milkman this unit would be best paired with other heroes, with the stronger attacks. But with his additional victory point bounty, it will make that grid more of a target.
    Name:  P1170193.jpg
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    Lastly I'm proud to say that my horrific dice rolling has not been passed on.
    Played the first small game for ages with my 8 year old. I helped him a bit and we played with secret objectives and action cards showing.
    but seriously the boy only missed for pretty much the whole game when there was other units in line to attack.
    Played to 10, then 15 as he asked and was having fun, this is the final shot, between well timed card draws and dice rolls I got utterly destroyed 18 to 4!
    Bless him he loved it, check the final board shot, below.
    Name:  P1170192.jpg
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Size:  1.07 MB
    More updates soon I hope : )

    Name:  P1170192.jpg
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Size:  1.07 MB

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    Simply awesome
    Rivet Wars Scenario Editor -

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    Hi all and Ted,
    It's been ages since I added to the thread, but I've not been totally idle so this will be quite a big update.

    Build 19 Telberg Power Station (Finally) Complete.
    Finally finished this one, basically since last shots I've riveted the power plant and added more gribbliness to the capacitor tower type thingies, obviously not a technician here.
    Also added some control panels to several of the sections, pretty much so there was a reason for the gantries.
    All 4 sections will fit 4 infantry models, and when butted up to another make quite nice little dioramas : ).
    Section 1; Power plant and turbine 1.
    Attachment 42232
    Section 2; Turbine 2 and Pipe room. (My favourite)
    Attachment 42233
    Section 3; Capacitor/Transformer towers and Plant Floor.
    Attachment 42234
    Section 4; Control Room, entrance, and Rivitium Fuel Store.
    Attachment 42235
    Attachment 42236
    Aaaaaand all together, with a few sections populated.
    Attachment 42237
    Attachment 42238
    Attachment 42239
    Attachment 42240
    Attachment 42241

    Build 26; Rivet housing x 6.
    as I've stated previously I wanted some more sort of generic buildings, so I made 6 standard layout houses, 3 lefties and 3 righties. Basically I gave each a part destroyed staircase and chimney stack, to make them more clearly residences.
    Hope you guys like, as I'm going to post elsewhere I'm hoping to trade a set of three for the few pieces I haven't yet gotten hold of, ie, Cher Amii & Elsa Frost, and also the rocketeer. So please if anyone would be interested in this please PM me or respond to this thread. They can be used for replacement objectives, tank traps, or bunkers, and three is enough for nearly all scenarios.
    Attachment 42243
    Attachment 42244
    In this shot the houses are being used as replacement tank traps for game purposes, set up like worker's terrace buildings with the factory and church at each end.
    Attachment 42245
    Attachment 42246

    Another couple of new builds, which were quite quick.
    The pictures show the old water that we have been using, however I do have some new texture prints on A3 that I'm going to cut and laminate, not done yet though.
    Hopefully these will help break up larger maps and funnel the action a bit.

    Build 27; Ancient bridge.
    Attachment 42247

    Build 28; Modern Bridge
    Name:  P1170203.jpg
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Size:  755.4 KB

    (WIP) Build 28: Caleau Hydro plant.
    As well as the two standard bridges I wanted to make a bridge that was only passable by infantry units, and as the Power station went well I thought T would try something similar. I'm intending another gantry over the turbines in the same way as the Telberg Power, which will allow 4 units in that lower grid.
    I've tried to make it look quite big and Victorian-like, as they built sort of Cathedrals to industry.
    Name:  P1170206.jpg
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Size:  773.9 KB
    Name:  P1170205.jpg
Views: 209
Size:  751.2 KB

    Build 29; (WIP) New custom neutral hero unit.
    Haven't yet finalised the name of him but I've got the fluff decided on, I'm hoping that when the next front kickstarter is finished there will be many more neutral heroes created, in the mean time I'm enjoying making my own.
    I thought there needed to be more than just infantry though. I'm really happy with this one as it's made entirely from bits of the eastern front core box, no additional bits, so hopefully it will blend in well. He's now started to be painted brown, but my camera ran out before could get pics, sorry.
    The bits are laid out in the first pic, they are donated from, almost entirity of Parman, the cradle, cut and reversed, from a 65 Pounder, half of a Schlitten chasis, some parts of a rocket biker, including the head.
    Name:  P1170199.jpg
Views: 211
Size:  726.9 KB
    Name:  P1170200.jpg
Views: 205
Size:  499.3 KB
    Name:  P1170201.jpg
Views: 207
Size:  524.5 KB
    Name:  P1170202.jpg
Views: 208
Size:  575.1 KB

    Quick build 30; New custom additional generals.
    As I've mentioned elsewhere on another thread, I recently managed to get hold of another core Eastern Front set, purely to make new units with as above.
    I realised I would have duplicates for the general plugs, so with these I decided to do a simple head/arm swap out to make each unique.
    With my weekly enemy we decided we would keep the same stats as the originals for now, using the 'Generals' as a unit type rather than individuals. As we tend to play bigger games this also allows us to have both the plugs and the mech/staff car versions on the board at the same time.
    The second is not glued yet but has a monowheel pilot head swap.
    This first one has Parman's head decorated with a rocket bike's rear light and exhaust covers, and the staff/baton tip, just to make it different to Parman himself. I also used his sword arm too.
    My thought was to make a kind of counterpart in each faction to the styling of the other faction's general. Quite pleased with this one to, as I could not find the right colour paint, so could only use parts from that faction and glue : )

    That's All for now, more to come soon, hope you liked : )

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    Don't know why some of these pics haven't attached properly, I'll re-add them on next update, sorry guys.

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    don't know why i'm just now seeing this thread for the first time... but give me a moment to pick my jaw up.

    out-freaking-standing work!

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