Daddymaykadarobots and RW Scratchbuilds (Ongoing Collated Thread)
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Thread: Daddymaykadarobots and RW Scratchbuilds (Ongoing Collated Thread)

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    Default Daddymaykadarobots and RW Scratchbuilds (Ongoing Collated Thread)

    Hi Ted, Admin, and all Riveters.

    This will be my new thread for all my builds, so I will start with an apology, I've been told by several members that I gaffed by doing individual threads for builds, so from now on all new builds and updates will go on this one. I'll still respond to posts on the previous ones where requested.
    So officially sorry for any annoyance this caused, this is my first ever forum membership, or attempt at building terrain for that matter. I normally build robot figurines from cheap electronics I buy at car boot sales etc., and recently a few custom transformers from Testors model bike kits (Will only post pics if requested as not Rivet-related, see I'm learning : ) )

    I will only post the on game board pics of previous builds here, if anyone wants to see the other pics I thinks you can by clicking on my member name (not certain, c**p with computers in general, hence the etiquette gaff.
    Anyway enjoy, love to hear what people think, and any suggestions of new ideas would be gratefully received.

    These are what I used for the majority of my builds to tie them all together.
    I love these things, a chance find in a 99p+Store (UK) for 99p each. I must have bought 20 or more over a couple of weeks.
    The railings I've cut down for window/door frames, cell doors, gantries, and well railings. Other than the walls and occasional gribbly bits from bits box everything else is made from various thicknesses of plasticard.

    Didn't have use for army men, although did use some of their megaphones on Brighton Airport and Brewmeister's Bar.

    Used almost whole stash of the rotas for my landing craft floors

    Build 1; Gasson's Gas Factory for Decar's scenario

    Build 2; Mast for Decar's Telberg Campaign scenario.

    Build 3; Semi-Modular Prison Complex

    Build 4; Allied new unit, Robinson Mark 1 Mega Turret

    Build 5; Blight Ausgleich (Equaliser) Field Gun

    Build 6; Landing Craft

    Build 7; Super easy Pringle Tube Silos

    Build 8; Semi-modular Church

    Build 9; Konig's Hunting Lodge

    Build 10; Semi-modular Warehouse

    Build 11; Brighton Airport
    Control Tower

    Inside populated by pilot day-beds and map table with shuffleboard sticks (Little brother thinks we should make full size ones for games, almost tempted)

    Hangers, still WIP, need to populate insides with 'stuff' and signage. Thinking steps, fuel tanks, tool cabinets and shot up wings.

    Build 12; Brewmeisters Bar.

    There's not quite space for 4 infantry to stand on floor, but who hasn't wanted to stand on the bar-top, and this preserves line of sight over the walls.

    What war time pub would be complete without a plasticard piano.

    Build 13; Olde Corner Shoppe.

    Build 14; Vorne's Bunker Laboratory. (Wip)
    How are the zombies created/ This could be a spawn point for them in a scenario, the square in the bottom corner is the oubliette for the test subjects, no rivet wants to end up in Vornes chair.

    Build 15; Telberg Terminus (Wip)

    Group Shots so far of Rivet Town.

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    Great to have them all in one thread. They are all incredible. That final photo where you can see them all on the board is so cool. I am jealous. Keep up the good work.

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    I cannot believe this. They are so amazing! AMAZING! I cannot believe that you did that with just those! I mean, I can see it, obviously, but... wow! Just wow.

    It makes me sad. I have the crafting skills of a newt. However, I should totally go see what my local cheap stores have.
    ~Lieutenant Nathaniel Flint of the Landship Scorpios

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    Do it mate, they are a gold mine for bits,especially in the toys section, plus if it's a pound land/dollar store type place the plastic is normally cheap, so soft and easy to cut/ sculpt.
    I just found some bits at poundland for carriages to park up at the station I'm working on. Too small train set to butcher for running gear, and a western set with a wagon to cut down and partially clad for the main body, or possibly two man only landing craft.
    As a bonus the axle and frame of them with minimal clipping make a perfectly scaled four armed oldy style power line mast practically pre-done, just needs a base. Might have to get some more, oh bugger guess I'm making a power station now too : )

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    Wow, these are really rad. Nice work. I love all of the details.

    You UK guys are mad-good builders.

    Can't wait to see them painted up!
    Check out more Steam Crow art here!

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    Thanks man, didn't expect to get so into this scenery building thing as not done it before. Currently working on train for Telgerg South Station as going another cheap railway set at a discount store to cut up and make rivet scaled, pics tomorrow hopefully.
    Loks like me and Bulldog are of a similar mind, only mine will be one grid position wide so could possibly use the train as scatter terrain for the rules Ted suggested previously too : ).
    If you can think of any building ideas that would be cool let me know as quickly running out.
    Going to go back and put finishing touches on some of the old ones soon, then it's back to the bits box for a crashed alien ship rivet style and try to sculpt my first ever mini for a tentacled alien pilot mini.

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    Hi all,
    Brief build update, still got lots to finish off fully, but members had previously asked how I went about stuff so got some process pics, now partially painted along with the station, so here is;

    Build 16; Armoured Rivet Express.
    Found a rail set called Rail King for £4.00 from 99p + Store, and also a cheaper 'my first train set' too.
    Neither was the right scale for Rivet Wars, so I broke out the stanley knife and got cutting.
    In the set I got two of these brown carraiges (with some barrels and wire reel cargo)
    Done two finished cars so far, basically I cut the car into three sections, to get around the dip in the middle, then clad them in some sections of plasticard and the railings I use for everything, so hopefully will tie the train in on the board. I also cut the wheel bogeys in half so there were wheels for each.

    Here are the two engines that I used to make my own, I was gonig for a oldy western/back to the future 3 train feel, kind of.

    I'm really happy with how this turned out, if curious I shortened the engine by more than an inch by cutting off the cab, centre section top, and basically everything bar the running gear, then re-attached the front section, trying to keep all the already riveted bits, haven't got painted pics yet, but they stand out far better now.
    I then cut down the bit in front of the wheels and the trimmed off roof.
    I also used some pen lids for the chimney stack, and other bits, push fillers for buffers, old Lego spaceman backpacks, and the red bits are half of suitcases from mini-wrestlers set (Poundland again, bought for other bits)
    The cow catcher and most of the new cab were the under carraige from the smaller train.

    More pics soon along with finished Station soon, after seeing BulldogUK's train I'm now building a coboose(?) for the rear of the train out of the coal car, and some wider cars to fit cavalry/support units.
    Love know what you guys think
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    Hi All,
    It's been a while since I've posted an update but been really busy with annoying things like work and prepping the Mrs's kitchen refurb.
    A plea for help first if poss, could someone explain to me how everyone puts page breaks into their ongoing posts as I realise mines quite long cause of pics.
    Also how do you stop the attached images from repeating at the end of each entry. If anyone can fill me in that would be ace.
    Anyway, to the update.

    Build 15, South Telberg Terminus completed.

    This one was a bit tricky to work out as I wanted details using the railings from my other builds, and a roof to make it obviously a station, but it still needed to be playable, hence the heavier battle damage to the rear.

    Aaaand with peoples

    And with multiple guys from behind,...sorry, smirk.

    Build 16 Armoured Rivet Express completed.

    Really pleased with how this came out once it was painted, need to touch up a few spots when got paint out again (benefit of painting everything the same colour : )
    Initially I was not intending to make it so big, doubt we will use the whole thing in-game as a vehicle, actually we haven't really worked out rules for it yet. However I had the set that I cannibalised already so just used all I could. As shown in the previous post I cut the carraiges down, and in the case of the larger ones also widened them to fit cavalry/support units. I tried to make each carraige slightly different to make the whole look more cobbled together/repurposed.

    With the original set came some cargo too which once I've repainted goes well with the rivet scale/style, or for scenarios, maybe it's a barb wire and Brewmeister's beer shipment for the front.

    The caboose(Kaboose?) turned out pretty well too. For that I widened the coal car from the original set, then scratch built the roof and center section.
    After seeing Bulldoguk's I had to make it pluggable too.

    Aaaand with peoples.

    Finally a couple of very rushed board pics, I was going to take another full table pic with some of the other buildings too, but the battery on the camera was a bout to snuffit.

    That's all for now, on the planner is;
    Finish properly the landing craft/silos, and hangers with various gribbly bits.
    Finish Vorn's lab/zombie spawn point.
    Rosie the Riveter's workshop
    Parmans barn/stable.
    I'm also considering making several new unit minis from scratch (including an alien with craft Rivet style)
    Also picked up some super cheap plain models for upcoming build,-a troop transporting heli-type air unit based on Ted's awesome flying bout type behemoth thing.

    Love to know what you guys think as ever or ideas for other stuff I could have a crack at, I'm slowly building up to starting a multilevel 2 by 2 grid industrial factory complex, but that's a way off yet.
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    The train is just fantastic. Absolutley the best. You need to record you and a friend playing a few scenarios with trains and the like.
    ~Lieutenant Nathaniel Flint of the Landship Scorpios

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    This is superb work, you should be tremendously proud!

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    Totally brilliant - seeing the Telberg station brings a little tear to my eye. It's great seeing someone take an idea of a City and then expand on it and execute it so brilliantly.

    +1 Reputation for you
    Rivet Wars Scenario Editor -

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    Hi all,
    Thanks for the kind words, glad you like the creations, got some more for you : )

    Build 14 (Possibly Completed) Vorne's Bunker Laboratory/scenario zombie spawn point.
    Quite happy with this one, although I did get bored sticking the many many gribbly bits to the structure.

    "So mummy where do those nasty bitey blighters that took daddy's hand come from?"
    "Well Billy, if the bad Blighton troopers don't do as they are told by their officers or mothers, they have to sit in Dr Vornes chair, and then his seller. And if one bites you, you might become one of them, Daddy was very lucky. So remember to do as we ask, don't let strangers take you anywhere, and the hairdressers and dentists are nice people really."
    "Now sleep well Billy."
    "Night-night mummy." Sniffle.

    I will probably add an open blast door with a Lego steering wheel closer at some point.

    Close up of 'The Chaaaaiiiiir!"

    The cellar is no longer sealed!!!!

    The first man to the objective wishes he wasn't, after Vorne releases his creations.

    Build 17 WIP new air unit the 'Airship.'

    Got ideas for how this could work in-game, loosely based on Ted's concept sketch released ages ago, but scaled down.
    Note the hole/hatch for troop deployment in the middle. This one will also be pluggable, the white ball at the front is the cheap one piece head from a shuttlecock, and should end up looking like the crotch gun of the Allied Ostrich.

    Love to hear peoples ideas for stats/rules for this one, and the train. (And how to add the pesky page break in post : ) )

    This one otherwise made form 4 very cheap (80p) plain kit engines, their cut up bodies/wings for the hull, plasticard, and some plug or leg type bits. the bow/prow or whatever of the ship is the upturned scoop from a £1 kids JCB model
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    These are just utterly fantastic. I would love to see a youtube vid or something in the future of the epic games you will have with these changing the scenarios.
    ~Lieutenant Nathaniel Flint of the Landship Scorpios

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    Dude, these are terrific. Love your work on them. The train is awesome, the Vorlab is Terry Gilliam awesome!

    Nice work!
    Check out more Steam Crow art here!

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    Ok, now I'm impressed.

    Love your work... but hate you so much!!!

    The fact you gave 'em all a flat colour to match the bases is pure genius. If your set is going to stay unpainted, that' the way to go.

    Mad props, sir you got me inspired.

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    Hi all,
    Sorry it's been quiet from me for a while, been busy DIYin too much, but still been tinkering with the rivets.
    Thanks for the nice comments, touched by the Gilliam comparison, not sure deserved but thank you : )

    (Nearly) Complete Build 17, The Airship RMS @Sea Bird'
    Pretty pleased with how this went so far, still the lower turret and a rope ladder to complete but thought I'd take a few pics as all is so quiet, still love to hear from Ted on what he thinks of these.
    Anyway first some in-progress pics, the last one of the aftermath of dropping the ship from my eye level (I'm 6ft 4) but it didn't save. Basically I only lost one engine, the rudder and one rota blade, so pretty sturdy actually-base was not attached.

    Fluff for it's own sake, : )

    The origin of the sky Pirate.
    The moneyed and partially blinded ex-pilot captain Levi 'tate' Smyth came up through the allied Navy ranks quickly, joiningand surpassing his younger brother, once his flying career came to the end, only joining up cause of his brother's taunts about his new eye-patch making him a pirate now, "and there were never sky pirates were there levi, : P"
    But Levi was always looking up from on the captain's deck.
    So it was that he was the first to see the Ruska fighters dropping from the clouds towards his doomed vessel.
    After the first wave passed his scout defense copter pilots ran to their machines with their crews, however to a man the crews were cut down releasing the rear restraining straps to each aircraft.
    Before the final run sank his ship however Levi notes that as the pilots vainly gunned their engines the whole ship rose several feet higher in the water. As the deck dissapeared below the waves Levi vowed to return to the skies and avenge his crew including his brother.

    Remi later went awol from military hospital after being recovered, and looted his entire family fortune to secretly commision create a true 'airship.'
    His vision for an aerial fleet came to an end after the maiden voyage however as at several thousand feet the blueprints fell from his hands and down the hatch as he danced drunkenly on deck, never to be recovered.
    When his commanding officers found he had fled the war effort he was declared a deserter, with his remaining fortune confiscated Levi fled, and now offers his services to any general who can afford him, to proove his idea to his late brother.

    Sorry that was long,
    I was thinking this unit moves like an aircraft but while on board all units act as turrets, with one less die, because of the prop-draft.
    The player designates which unit will go down the hatch, singularly or in groups. The player then rolls one dice, 5 or 6 and the 'group' can deploy wherever they wish in any adjacent grid, but on 1 - 4 they end up in one of the adjacent grids going round like a clock.
    If enemy holds the grid the opponent can choose which other grid the passengers land in. leaving the craft counts as one grid of movement.
    i was thinking because of the plow frony maybe the Sea Bird could have Air Bully, basically juggernaut for planes.
    If target survives they move to left/right intersection facing away.

    Any better ideas guys, or stat ideas, i'm just spitballin here, love to hear them.

    Aaaaand with paint

    Evwybody down the shoot!

    And it had to be plugable : )

    Thought I'd set up a little diorama using the Sea Bird, so here it is, the Allies using it to head there all out assault on the Blight held station as the Iron Chancellor arrives with re-enforcements.


    Build 18, Rosie's workshop.
    Made from various odds and ends and the normal walls, railings, and rota blades from my other builds.
    The car lift is made from part of a car low loader from a 99pm store. Most of the trailer I've saved for other stuff as it's very riveted.
    This one did get a bit gribbly, but I think it turned out okay. Love to know what you guys think, I wanted the workshop to be a real mess, lots of bits from past jobs laying about, a bit like mine.

    Aaaand all done.

    Whilst Romler and his guard watch for ambush Rosie gets to work on that damn front wheel again

    And finally

    Build 19, Telford Power Plant.
    This will be one of the bigger builds I'm doing, being 2 by 2 grids. Going well sor far, I'm trying to make it so you could swap out the order of the corners or just use them individually or in pairs.
    There will be quite a few different levels and gantries, as I like to multilevel to preserve line of sight kinda, a control room, furnace, exhaust tower, and fuel storage.

    And a long shot for luck

    Thats me for now, I'm now also planning to build a four grid T shape building similar to my prison. Basically found some cheap plastic dolls house furniture at the 99p store (I don't live there honest) I should be able to cut them down to resize and I'm thinking would work as a presidential/mayoral style building like a mini Whitehouse with the pillars and maybe a domed roof, all and any ideas you guys have would be welcome.
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    Hi all, sorry for the absence, the dreaded kitchen refurbished is practically done, so back to modelling with begruded blessing from she who must be obeyed.
    Nearly finished the telberg power plant which came out pretty well in the end, pics soon, next up will be either a grave yard for the church, mayoral character building, parmans character building, or finally the runway for Brighton air base.
    If anybody has any ideas for other buildings they'd like to see please let me know, hopefully if I get a twe responses and go past 20 posts we all won't have to keep scrolling down my very long first page : )

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    Well I'll respond just to help out, hopefully in a moment I'll have a brain wave for my 600th POST! WHOOT
    Rivet Wars Scenario Editor -

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