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Thread: Daddymaykadarobots and RW Scratchbuilds (Ongoing Collated Thread)

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    Hi All, and Bubo
    Thanks for the very kind words mate, really appreciate it. Am I wrong in thinking you have something to do with the creation of Rivet Wars? If so could you please give Ted a nudge to release some more scenarios soon pleeeease : ), also any insider info on when to expect Western Front?

    Anyway here is a small update (hopefully) of the photos that did not attach on my last one plus a few more. (Also yay, third page, less scrolling for everybody for a little while)

    Sections of the,
    Build 19; Telberg Power Plant (Complete)
    Name:  P1170209.jpg
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    Name:  P1170210.jpg
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    Name:  P1170211.jpg
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    Also the ancient bridge (Complete)
    Name:  P1170204.jpg
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    Build 26; Rivet Residential Housing.
    As said before if anyone is willing to swap Ami + Frost or the Jetpacker for a set of these please let me know by answering on here or PM'ing me : )
    Name:  P1170207.jpg
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    Name:  P1170208.jpg
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    Then there's,
    Build 29 Neutral unit (Complete)
    I may add a pull cord firing rope from his empty hand, going back to the trailer, haven't decided yet, otherwise done.
    I have the fluff and translated name decided on but can't find it at moment, will add later : )
    Name:  P1170221.jpg
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    And a table shot as the two cavalry heroes lead the charge across the bridge.
    Name:  P1170225.jpg
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    Next up
    Build 30, Duplicate Custom General Plugs.
    As said before these were meant to be the equivalent of the opposition's general plug in styling, if not stats, plus I had Parman's head already from the last unit above.
    Quite pleased with how easy rivet characters are to convert with simple arm head swaps.
    Warning to anyone who wants to try this, Rivet Wars minis have really really tough necks. I mainly use a standard Stanley Knife, and still had to put a lot of pressure to cut through them. On the blight general I actually cut off the arms to make this easier as the rivet tends to want to rotate, which can bend/crush the arms otherwise.
    Name:  P1170223.jpg
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    Name:  P1170224.jpg
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    The two generals jump into the Double Play, turning it into a fast moving squashing machine.
    Name:  P1170228.jpg
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    The Blight generals counter by stacking their skills, turning the superheavy tank into a super long-range-accurate one hit wonder.
    Name:  P1170230.jpg
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    Doubt these plugs would ever get used like this but thought the idea was cool.

    Finally there's another quick design of another custom neutral 'hero.'
    He is 'The Relay,'
    With his powerful radio equipment maybe when there is a scout air unit on the board he can relay their observations of the battle below, allowing one unit, or maybe grid with two of him to re-roll all missed attacks that round. So run him up as support if there is a decisive attack about to happen.
    If anyone has any ideas instead of this for him or any of mu custom heroes I'd love to hear them.
    Name:  P1170231.jpg
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    Name:  P1170232.jpg
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    "That's all from Daddymaykadarobots for now, plenty more planned, see me on the battlefield soon." - The Relay.

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    Ok, so how much would you sell some custom units for? Because, dude, those are fantastically amazing! I love them. If I had access to a 3D printer I would totally try my hand at a few custom units. I always wanted to make a Gangster with a Tommy gun kinda deal for a neutral character.
    ~Lieutenant Nathaniel Flint of the Landship Scorpios

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    Thank you very much for the kind words 'masta.
    Unfortunately I think the only way that I'd do commissions so to speak, is for swaps that I wanted myself.
    With the two jobs, dog, kids etc my rivet wars hobby is my escape, if I start doing it for money it will just turn into another job, and I really don't want to loose my love for this awesome game because of it.
    Love your idea however, had something similar in mind actually.
    I think your best bet is to try to get hold of an additional man-in-charge unit for cheap.
    With the trench coat that should be a good start, maybe add thin plasticard for belt tie and eppilets, then swap the head for a clean shaven allied rifleman's, then swap the hat for the more detailed allied version with some greenstuff sculpting on the top (take cues from terranova/treasure hunter)
    The gun an arms should be fairly easy to cobble together. : )
    Sorry to dissapoint but best of luck, and as I said be careful cutting those necks, very tough.
    Can't wait to see the results, mite have a crack at similar myself in the distant future.
    For myself I've got distracted with another big build, hint, great defense for faction held land, except against those g*D dam Mongowians!
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    Hi all and Ted, sorry it's been so long to update thread, it has been quiet round here hasn't it, time for some more updates or sneak peeks Ted and team i think.
    Anyway i haven't been totally idle.
    Build 29:Complete, Hobust Ratsanik (Fluff added)
    Attachment 43517

    If anyone was wondering on the name it's Estonian for 'Horsey Horseman,' which is what my 4 year old called the unit as I was building it and hadn't got a name yet, same reason I go by daddymaykadarobots, after my older hobby, his brother used to be quite cute honest.
    Anyway, on with the fluff.
    Hobust, raised on a ranch raising horses he was away on a business prospecting trip on his favourite stallion Trojon, trying to revitalise the family's dying trade as the war efforts became more and more mechanised, when the front swung across his family's land.
    Returning unsuccessful, (no-one was buying horses in numbers anymore on rivet, there were even tales of those mad Ruskas riding bears instead now, and they'd been the best customers) Hobust found the ranch destroyed with most of the horses escaped killed or eaten.
    Realising his only chance to save his family's livelihood, Hobust set to work salvaging parts from the smouldering battlefield that used to be the main display field.
    Having spent years maintaining the machinery and land of his home, and with plenty of materials to hand, Hobust soon sets out with Trojon to prove to to all what value a real thoroughbred warhorse has.

    Build 30; Neutral Unit Usev Sprintle/The mark 3 Stoat. (Complete and fluff)
    Usev Sprintle was known to be an obsessive, argumentative, and generally unliked colleague of the infamous Cruel Vinnie.
    One of the lead scientists behind the generally unsuccessful Landkreiger, the rivet jumped at the task of redeeming himself in the eyes of the Blight, when ordered to head the team in a new project for the war effort.
    Working from footage of the recently deployed Wolverine, Sprintle and his team were tasked with creating a comparison for the Blight, that could both protect it's fellow Panzerfaust, but also keep up with them in combat.
    Sprintle set to work in his dedicated factory, however in a bid to improve the power plant whilst loosing weight Sprintle caused a huge explosion which cost the rivet his footage,most of the factory, and both his legs.
    With this Cruel Vinnie disbanded Sprintle's team and the project.
    However in the ruins Sprintle had an apithany, without having to work around natural legs he could boost the speed of the Stoat using a scaled down and upgraded version of his Landkreiger system.
    So in the rubble Sprintle his Vinnie's order set his team to work and vanished with the prototype.
    Since there have been reports of him seen on various fronts fighting for various factions hoping to gain the commission and asylum to mass produce his untested design.

    To build it I shaved many of the details from the Wolverine's sides, used the shield as the top hatch, and scratch built some new legs and shield, extremely fiddly (Spent more time picking up bits from the floor, and sticking them to my fingers)
    I then trimmed down the two Schlitten guns, thought this looked quite cool, plus this could be lighter than the heavy caliber gun of the original. These changes also meant that there were parts left over for other builds, see next one : )
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    Name:  P1170238.jpg
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    Name:  P1170236.jpg
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    He's now also painted blue, but apparently I forgot to take photos of that. Will take some comparison picks next to the Wolverine soon.
    This one actually went well and quickly, only one problem.
    As he's painted blue, and has the extra skirting at the bottom (to look more like the Blighton coats) and the hatch didn't quite attach straight, he looks like a Scotsman, just need bagpipes. Now I've seen it i can't un-see it, you've been warned, bring on the highland rivets.

    Build 31; The prototype FIRE A.N.T (Automatic Navigation Tractor Unit) (WIP and fluff)
    I really wanted to do something different with the left over parts from my other builds, particularly the Wolverine's top) and felt the need for a neutral two grid space hero unit.
    So this is what I came up with, turned out better than I hoped, using some trimmed down sections of the hinges from the railing sets worked well as a double gas mask breather unit that looks a lot like mandibles : ) Just need another coat or so of paint and the hose from the front tank bottle to the flamer gun. The rivet himself is Gaston's body, the Blight general's head and some green stuff. The ant was just bits from easton front units and one plastic plug like bit.
    Name:  P1170244.jpg
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    I was thinking as I suggested on other threads elsewhere that it could be the first unit that could aim on two diagonals if wished, but straight or diagonal, the unit must roll a dice on a 1 the second grid targeted arches left and on a 6 arches right.
    So maybe it hits both squares, just the first spot on the first grid, and a flat grid on the second, but depending on the arch (nozzle and wind issues on the prototype notworked out yet) it could miss entirely or hit the attackers own units.
    Maybe also give it and the stoat above the Runner special.
    Maybe if hit by two dice with sixes, the unit explodes with all in the grid taking dice attacks.
    I was then thinking maybe the first spot on the flat grid gets set fire to for the rest of the game, and units can no longer sit in that spot, reducing the available space. So if your opponent has that objective locked up tight, bring this bad boy in to set things alight and clear house.

    Fluff time.
    No one knows who mans the Fire Ant, rumours say that it's one of the scientists responsible for the creation, horribly burned in it's trials behind the mask he never removes, he didn't trust the creation in Blighton military development hands, so stole the prototype and burned all the blueprints.
    Now he will fight with any force that will risk the danger of friendly fire.

    Big Build 32: Custom City walls.
    I managed to find some really cheap material that I think is compression polystyrene, like slightly bubbly thic plasticard, so I set to work.
    So far I've got 11 straights, 4 corners, (various so walls can turn corners in both the front or back spaces of grids) nearly completed 2 gated wall ends, with removable gates so they can be used as defense towers, these will be pluggable also. If you look closelysome of them are at the back of the board in the pics below in the battle pics.

    Giant finite resource battle pics.
    As I've been building so much scenery, me and my regulaer nemisis decided to try a huge game.
    We used pretty much all the stuff I'd built building wise on a 7 by 4 tile board using the below rules.
    1, All buildings are bunkers'
    2, Rivets are not considered for deployment - just deployment points,
    3, No objectives, last mans standing wins,
    4, 5 action card max hand,
    5, No new units can be created (ie. Terranova/zombies)

    Resources are all unit types from Blitzkreig pledge, minus jetpacker, Remi and Frost (really wish I'd got them too) plus as some of the bits have survived from the second eastern front set I bought for each faction, one addition support, cavalry, main tank, and 9 infantry. This is so far, more will go under the Stanley knife woo hah hah.
    Will post results/more pics when game finished. Below is the initial set up (check the walls at the back) situation after approx 5 turns, and the dead-so-far-box. not too full yet, but things are about to get close. I'm playing blight, but I think I'm about to waste ac ouple of crucial heroes, and take out a Ostrich, possibly near wrecking a second.
    Name:  P1170239.jpg
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    Name:  P1170242.jpg
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    Name:  P1170243.jpg
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    Think that middle one is the right pic, thumbnail too small on screen.

    Sorry for such long entry, love to hear what people think, or ideas for any of my custom heroes, as I still haven't finalised their stats fot the cards yet.

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    Hi Ted, Team, and all.
    Been quite busy so time for an update, but first some finished pics.

    Build 30; Mark 3 Stoat, complete.
    I thoughtI'd do some comparison pics with the original mini, I think it compares pretty well. Also I try to keep as many leftovers from builds to use later on others, and the bits from this one were really handy for the next, see below.
    Name:  P1170252.jpg
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    Name:  P1170253.jpg
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    Name:  P1170254.jpg
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    Name:  P1170255.jpg
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    Build 31; The Fire A.N.T Unit. (Automatic Navigation Tractor)
    Helmet on this guy doesn't look as bad as the pics suggest, the back end worked out great using the Wolverine's head top.
    Name:  P1170263.jpg
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    Name:  P1170264.jpg
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    Build 33; Toby Spark aka Steel Rivet - Mark 2 (Complete)
    First lets start with the blatantly stolen fluff.
    Toby Spark was one of the leading private weapons designers for the Allies in recent years of the war effort after inheriting a vast fortune and business from his father, who was partially responsible for the M7 Boss and Vert Tanks.
    However on a demonstration trip for one of his latest weapons, Toby was captured by a splinter faction of unknown origin and forced to produce replica weapons for them.However Toby tricked them using his knowledge of his fathers work he created a advanced suit of armor with his time there and fought his way out after several weeks in captivity.
    Feeling abandoned by the Allies who attempted no rescue Toby went freelance building an upgraded version of his suit, and has been seen fighting for various factions on the battlefield.Some rumors suggest he fights for information on who may have captured him, others say that he is perfecting his armor so less rivets will be required in the war effort in the first small step to reduce the death toll.
    Name:  P1170258.jpg
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    Name:  P1170259.jpg
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    Name:  P1170257.jpg
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    So this one just kind of happens, basically done in a day up to second paint coat. All bits came from base set, bar the wires from the chest piece, and some plasti-card for the face plate, not sure if happy with it totally, bit too sci-fi rather than steam-punk, probably would have been better with rounded eye-holes.
    Name:  P1170261.jpg
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    Name:  P1170262.jpg
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    Name:  P1170260.jpg
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    Thought mite take a couple of pics of all my custom units so far, though the guns will be revisited with rivets added.
    Name:  P1170265.jpg
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    Name:  P1170267.jpg
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    Build 34; First NPC, The Brewmeister with his home brewed Beer P.A.L.E (Pneumatically assisted lifting engine) (WIP)
    Initially I had just intended to make a basic sack barrow, but the beads I cut down were too big for that, plus I wanted the unit to fill more of the base.
    I don't know if other experienced this but we found that the Brewmeister scenario was a very difficult game to recover in if you started to lose, basically where the Brewmeister was two grids towards opponents table edge from centre.
    So I thought a two space unit would make the conveyor belt of units that forms at this point from being so effective, as it just makes the game run another four turns or so with a pretty much certain outcome.
    So hopefully being able to have less units in the grid with him, and unable to enter buildings should make the games last longer and have more to-and-fro with the target Brewmeister. I thought he could also be used for 'protect the convoy' type scenarios as I've got several other units similar planned.
    Nearly done just needs paint, and an angle change when gluing to base.
    Name:  P1170268.jpg
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    Name:  P1170269.jpg
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    Name:  P1170270.jpg
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    Build 35; Card Stands (Complete)
    It could just be that me and regular enemy are a bit thick, but we find we regularly forget to play cards, seeing the next turn how enemies do things that the precious card would have prevented, often turning the game by ruining previously laid plans.
    So I decided to make card stands to fit the five cards normally allowed, basically so they are upright at the table edge right in front of our faces, so shouldn't be missed again.
    They are styled to look like the walls I'm also currently working on.
    Name:  P1170272.jpg
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    Name:  P1170271.jpg
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    Name:  P1170273.jpg
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    As always love to know what you guys think or ideas for other units, or stats for the ones that I've built already, so can't wait for the next kick starter.
    Another update soon.

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    I know I asked this before, but do you have a facebook gallery of these? I would love to share these amazing custom pieces on my Landship Scorpios page. MAN! It must be nice to have these for demos.... they look so cool and to be able to say you made them? DAMN!
    ~Lieutenant Nathaniel Flint of the Landship Scorpios

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    Quote Originally Posted by comedianmasta View Post
    I know I asked this before, but do you have a facebook gallery of these? I would love to share these amazing custom pieces on my Landship Scorpios page. MAN! It must be nice to have these for demos.... they look so cool and to be able to say you made them? DAMN!
    Thanks masta, glad you like then.
    Unfortunately I don't do Facebook, only use the wife's to occasionally check the rivetwars page, no interest in what people had for lunch etc. Will eventually sort a deviant art account as that's a great sharing site, and could then show some of my older hobby, which is how chose my user name. I actually used basically the same pattern from the walls I've been working on, without the gantries attached. (big build 32) Will post pics as soon as finished gates, maybe teaser later if I get the chance. All made from 5mm foam core type material I found on the cheap, clad with some 1mm plasticard in places. The rows of spikes are cut sections of plastic hair curlers.

    If you think it would help you (as I don't do demo's myself) would you like me to knock up a pattern/size list for them, should be easy to recreate or adapt.
    Let me know : )
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    I have the crafting skills of a Knat. Wouldn't do me any good, trust me.

    Would you mind if I posted some of the pics you have here on my Landship page? I would love to show off the work you've done on your custom units and buildings.
    ~Lieutenant Nathaniel Flint of the Landship Scorpios

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    Have at it mate, I'd be honoured : )
    If you need anything like less obvious parts lists etc just let me know.
    Would have lots more to show than planned but happily/unhappily the interest in rivetwars stuff on eBay has gone mad recently and haven't got the resources for big spends at moment (when both cars go wrong in the same're gonna have a bad time)
    Also definitely happily will be an expence for the next kickstarter, hopefully soon , referred?

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    Hi Ted, 'Masta and all.

    Not got quite as much done recently as I would like but got another hero for your perusal : )

    Build 34: First NPC The Brewmeister & The Beer P.a.l.e (Pneumatically Assisted Lifting Engine) Complete.
    To be honest this one really annoyed me, the barrels and bottles went okay but not as well as hoped, and I'd hoped the wheels would go better.
    The hubs are Lego steering wheels, I'd intended to then clad the rim in thin plasticard to give them a more steam engine type look, but the glue just refused to stick full stop, so after a few attempts and colourful language I gave up before the throwing started. Still not too bad, needs a touch more paint, unfortunately I've also miss-placed the tin, so may have to buy another or repaint.
    In next update hopefully have more NPCs to show you as I'm intending to make a small convoy, (originally painted all in same colour) with tracked carts etc still using bits from core set, got a few ideas on the go, armoured tuc-tuc anyone?
    Attachment 44121
    Attachment 44122
    Attachment 44123

    Build 32: City Walls. (WIP)
    I've also done a little to the big build walls, not ready to show quite yet but nearly. Got the gates mostly there now, getting very bored of gluing on rine stones/diamontees now, but they do the job, just wish could find them smaller.
    If anyone knows a supplier who sells rivet heads for small models ready made in comparable sizes to those in the base set pleeeeeaaase let me know. The walls will get some pics as soon as I work out how i'm attaching the gates, want them to be open/closable, but also removable so the gate towers can be used mid-wall if wished. Aaanywho, gates.
    Attachment 44124

    And lastly a new hero, as my blatant rip off of Iron Man turned out okay, I thought I'd try another parody homage unit, advanced apologies for butchered character fluff.

    Build 35: Duce Vein aka Baaaat Rivet. (Complete)
    This one came together quite nicely, the backpack is a cut down rocket-cycle engine, and the rest is made from bits and bobs with green stuff to fill gaps (Only my third try at this, please forgive roughness, although pics make it look worse than it is)
    To try and stick closer to source I figured this unit can not kill as Bat Rivet does not deliberately kill. Instead he drops smoke bombs on units in a grid adjacent to him from his utility bel, harness. Either the units in the grid cannot fire in their next combat phase, or have to roll a 6 to do so or something, but units rapid assaulting out/through the grid would not be effected.
    I thought he could have rapid assault three and nimble possibly too.
    This could work well if your opponent has a grid of death set up over an objective, or you want to make a big push but fear the reprisals once your units are there.
    Attachment 44127
    Attachment 44128
    Attachment 44129
    Quite pleased with how the filling above the goggles went to make them part of his 'cowl.' No base as yet, but on with the paint, and excuse his un-heroic expression, that toothpick is sharp : )
    Attachment 44130
    Attachment 44131
    Attachment 44132
    Love to know what you guys and Ted's team think, I admit I may have gone too far, still on with the fluff.

    Duce Vain was a rivet defined by the war on a large scale.
    Inheriting a fortune from his parents after seeing them fall victim to crime that became rife in home nations of Rivet after most law-abiding rivets left for the front, Duce vowed he would protect those around him, without the need for killing. So he trained hard and became a vigilante as soon as he was old enough, after being sheltered from the draft by his parents allies in high places. Whilst fighting from the shadows against The Gangsta, Duce witnessed the Jet Packer in action as the front swung into his city.
    Mind made up Duce channelled all his efforts into creating a similar form of taking the fight to the enemy, realising that he could protect the innocents around him better from the air.
    Duce will fight against any faction in his location that he feels is not making attempt to avoid civilian casualties. What their opposition decide to do whilst his target is lost in smoke is no longer his concern.

    So how can Duce aim and drop his smoke bombs without loosing control,.."Because he's Baaaat Riveeet."

    And lastly another sketch I did ages ago but miss-placed for a further hero after Comedianmasta's suggestion earlier in the thread, The Gangsta don't know if this is what you were imagining mate, but I may have a crack at it, especially as Duce has no nemesis yet.
    Name:  P1170285.jpg
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    As always critiques, questions, and ideas are very welcome, more soon hopefully : )

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    Sorry guys site keeps logging me out and not displaying pics again, Mrs had to 'fix' the laptop other day perhaps that's it, will try to dump them in on mass later : /

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    So hi all,
    Hopefully here are the pics, see 2 posts ago for explanation, oh and Baaat Riveeet is actually build 36
    So build 34, Brewmeister
    Name:  P1170274.jpg
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    Name:  P1170275.jpg
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    Name:  P1170276.jpg
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    Gates for the walls, build 32
    Name:  P1170281.jpg
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Size:  846.9 KB

    And finally for now build 36, Baaat Riveeet, complete.
    Name:  P1170277.jpg
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    Name:  P1170278.jpg
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    Name:  P1170279.jpg
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    aaand with paint
    Name:  P1170283.jpg
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    Name:  P1170284.jpg
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    Name:  P1170282.jpg
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    Love to know what you guys think, more soon, since started on my steam-punk convoy of NPCs

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    Hi all,
    sorry for the long absence, a few bits to catch up on.

    Build 37 (I think); Neutral NPC convoy units. (Completed and WIP)
    Hi so after having completed the Brewmeister and thinking of the scenerios that it could be used for, I decided I would build a full convoy with the various pieces that I have from the second base set that I bought.
    So i started with a conversion of a medical transport based on a rocket bike, using a cut down container on the back and the plastic windscreen insert of a matchbox style car for the front section. I then used several treads from monowheels to try and give an armoured look.
    I've also heavily used a set of rivets on strips that I found on ebay.
    Very expensive for what they are but do give the right look, although unfortunately the strip itself seems to give a little too much detail if possible, however they do tie the convoy more to the official minis. Love to know what you guys think.
    Name:  P1170286.jpg
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    Name:  P1170287.jpg
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    Name:  P1170288.jpg
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    I then also made a second similar vehicle with a different rear section to be a fuel bowser.
    If interested the drivers were really simple, they are simply schlitten drivers, with a head swap of a monowheel driver. I simply removed the top 'Tier' of the hat, which made a good cap.
    Name:  P1170305.jpg
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Size:  805.3 KB
    I've just started on the fourth member of the convoy (far left).
    I took a small sheep model which I cut a section from it's middle and neck to bring it into comparison with Parman's horse, to be some type of Ox type beast of burden, and made a small gas mask to mimic it too.
    The trailer is built in a similar way to my previous cavalry model Hobust's carraige. Quite chuffed with how well this is going. All are painted the same colour to be used/attacked by either faction.

    Going to do a second post now just incase the pics will not attach again : )

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    I've missed a lot of the updates on this thread, because all the photos crash my phone. These are incredible!

    I love the Brewmeister's P.A.L.E Ale. He's really fun; his haircut is great too.

    The Bats are amazing too, they're really novel. Gives me an idea for an Escape from Coldtiz scenario.

    Many great touches to all your work! Totally brilliant!

    Happy New Yea btw!
    Rivet Wars Scenario Editor -

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    Yay, they attached,
    So back again, Hi all and particularly Comedianmasta,
    As he suggested some time ago he thought a 'Gangsta' mini would be good, and i did the sketch below.
    I recently completed that conversion which went really well, to the point that even my wife liked it, and she's sick of my hobby : )

    So Build 38; Neutral unit, The Gangsta (Complete)
    I took the head off a Man-in-Charge mini, and repositioned the arms.
    The Tommy-gun was scratch-built from various bits and pieces, which was really fiddly but turned out well.
    The head was an allied infantryman's, with serious eye-brows added. The hat was actually quite easy, I trimmed about 2mm from the brim, then shaved the edge to more of a point. Then added green stuff to the top avoiding covering the banding.
    Love to know what Comedianmasta and anyone else thinks of him.
    Attachment 44893
    Attachment 44892
    Attachment 44896
    And a sneek peek of my walls too, in a forgotten warehouse on the outskirts near the great wall The Gangsta concludes his black market deal with Vorne, unknowingly watched by the Bat Rivet.
    Attachment 44901
    Attachment 44902
    More soon, finishing pics of the convoy, maybe a few more additions, then back to some more buildings.
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    hopefully this time here are the pics from above, and thanks for the kind words Decar, look forward to any new scenerios you want to put out there, they're always good ones : )
    Name:  P1170285.jpg
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Size:  798.0 KB
    Name:  P1170291.jpg
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Size:  551.8 KB
    Name:  P1170292.jpg
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    Name:  P1170301.jpg
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    Name:  P1170294.jpg
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Size:  716.9 KB

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    Hi all,
    Sorry for the long delay, unfortunately spent some unexpected time in hospital so that's cut into my crafting time. However I've not been totally idle, will update with pics soon.
    In the mean time I need some help from fellow riveters.
    One of the upshots of spell on a bed attached to gas n tubes is that I no longer smoke.
    So as a treat to myself with the saved money I've bought two of the battlebin booster sets mentioned elsewhere in the threads.
    Basically I'm guna cut it all to bits, thinking of making some very big units, possibly two grids wide or long. I'll have two two sturmpanzers and ostriches to work with.
    Love to hear peoples ideas of what I should do with them.
    Also if anyone has a very cheap, quick, or easy way/source of rivets for larger vehicles I'd really appreciate the heads up. Otherwise I reckon I'd spend £15 just on rivet strips for two large vehicles.
    As ever thanks for looking and any help : )
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    Sorry to hear you've been in the War Daddymaykadarobots! Glad you're out of hospital now at least. I'm not sure I can help you with cheap rivet-minis. But perhaps you'd consider a commission to help fund the boxes? I always loved your Airships!
    Rivet Wars Scenario Editor -

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    In Germany ther have been some discounts going on during the last 3 month. I got both Core boxes I own in two different discounts for 30€ (!!!) and 40€ which seemed quite fair to me. ^^
    So prbably keep your eyes open and wait for your chance to get a cheap box. Besides as far as I can see you will be able to use the addiditional bits of the other units.

    Did you recognize the same in other countries?
    Oh yeah and Decar is also right. Probably offer some comissions. I'm sure some of those guys out there will be able to fund you some additional big units.
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