FORSALE: Warmachine Cryx Army in Blue & Green
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Thread: FORSALE: Warmachine Cryx Army in Blue & Green

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    Red face FORSALE: Warmachine Cryx Army in Blue & Green

    So I haven’t unpacked my Cryx models in about a year, either to play or to paint, so that seems like a sign that I should sell them.
    I'm currently unemployed and without a way to pay my bills or feed my pets, so unfortunately I cannot accept trades.
    I'd like to get box price and then some for the paint jobs, but I'm definitely open to best offer. I'm located in Beaverton, Oregon, so anyone in the Portland area can pick it up in person. Otherwise, I have to ask buyer to pay shipping.

    The Kraken was awarded a bronze coin at Privateer Press’s Lock & Load painter’s competition.
    Both Heavy Jack kits are fully magnetized with swapable heads and arms.
    Full Model List, with Privateer Press MSRP:

    • Plastic Battlebox $49.99
    • Skarre $11.99
    • DeathJack Kit $34.99 + $9.99 (Malice) + $10.99 (Erebus)
    • Stalker $11.99
    • 10 Satyxis Raiders $59.99 + $10.99 (SeaWitch) + $9.99 (Captain)
    • Scarlock Thrall $9.99
    • Warwitch Siren $11.99
    • General Slaughtborn $14.99
    • Black Ogrun $35.99
    • Kraken $124.99
    • 10 Mechanithralls (Customized, unfinished paint) $44.99
    • CrabJack Kit (unpainted, but magnetized) $34.99

    Total MSRP: 488.84
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