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    Default Terrafirma's upside down thread

    Soo sorry to do this to you guys , i know this will be upside down and side ways , hopefully my mate Maxx will help me out and put them up the right way for me until I figure out this new camera .
    i just needed some input to my painting This is just some practice stuff I'm playing with , the two wraith guard will be turning to face an explosion or warp rift , still playing with the glazes washes and still to do high lighting .
    what do you think..?
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    Another from a different angle .
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    A pic from the rear , I've started darker shading on the rear to push the point of a really bright light from the focal point
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    Name:  20150309_075005.jpg
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Size:  1.22 MB
    Did a little more late last night.
    Any comments guys

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    Looking pretty good to me.
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    Nice color fade!
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    Thanks guys any suggestions , I'm still learning from you guys .
    i want to put more of a white shine on their head to discern between the yellow light sauce and the red body colour.

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    Did another hour or so on them this morning using purples and blue to enhance the shadows and made my own Name:  20150310_084045.jpg
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Size:  963.8 KBglaze with a brighter red to enhance the red right next to the yellowName:  20150310_084205.jpg
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    This is great, will you be entering this into the monochrome contest?

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    Thanks Oistene, yes if I can get them finished, why does work always interfere with the things we enjoy..?
    At the moment I'm making some bases that I'm thinking about selling ,just finalising sealing and priming ,so the first will used with these two characters.

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    Here is where im at at the moment , please give me aome feedbackName:  20150315_090347.jpg
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    Just trying to work out some photography with my figs so thought i would put in some of my old stuu for posterityName:  20150315_170620.jpg
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    Tell me what you think
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    Name:  20150315_170722.jpg
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Size:  1.26 MBDamn it why is everything upside down or sideways im using my samsung galaxy note edgeand it comes up the right way then when i download it , it comes out wrong

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    Check your photo gallery it may have a basic Editing feature including a rotation.
    Took me ages to find out I had one on the iPad.
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    ok im tryin to use the computer and a camera , so here goes
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    Wooohoooo I even made a dodgy photo booth out of a Carona beer carton which I had to drink first .
    i think the pictures are a bit better .But now the computer battery is dead and the charge lead is at work ....damn it.
    Any comments ,criticism or abuse would be appreciated

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    Name:  2015-03-17 14.14.44.jpg
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Size:  760.7 KBhere is a marine im working on at the moment , can i get some input from you guys a orry for tge dodgy photo done in rush at work on my phone

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    A local comp starting thought i would do a harlie dismounting mid stride off a cold one .
    The motion looks ok with the scarfs flowing
    Any suggestions or tips any one
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    That's pretty awesome
    "Remember, you can't spell paint without a little pain."

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    Thanks Zab , I was thinking of adding some more motion to it ,maybe more scarfs on the cold one but maybe less is more

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