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    Default Hadross Taxi Crab Hitching a Ride Question

    During the special action of Hitching a Ride, can the Taxi Crab move whilst it is completely surrounded by potential riding models?

    2 schools of thought on this one.

    1, No, it is not able to move because the Taxi Crab can not move through models. The rules state that the models are moved into contact at the end of the movement and are therefore not deemed as being continously pushed along.

    2, As the name of the special ability is called Hitching a Ride, it is logical to assume the continous movement of the action. Therefore the Taxi Crab is pushing the models in front of it as though they were riding, as the name of the ability suggests. Assumption that the ruling of the ability had to be shortened due to space on card and a certain amount of common sense is applied.

    I think it is vital that these sort of queries get ironed out, because this will set the standard of how rules are interpreted in future. Ie extreamly precise like Warmachine rules, where punctuation and rules as written are vital to each ability. Or a more light hearted approach where common sense is applied?


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    1 is correct.

    Hitching a Ride does not allow the model to ignore movement rules, and rules state you cannot move through models.

    The rules are written as literal as possible.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CMON Mr. Black View Post
    The rules are written as literal as possible.
    Which is a problem with many other questions we had, most of them are part of the QA thread. Is there ever going to be an official FAQ with all answers to these questions, as well as erratas and many more unclear rules and in the near future?

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    Thank you for the reply Mr Black. I thought that may be the case.

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    Just wondering if that also means that if there are various units (in contact with eachother) around the crab that combine to take more then half of the base of the crab (if that makes sense) the crab would be unable to move? Same would probably also be true if you carelessly place some models randomly around the crab where the models are not 50 mm apart from each other.

    Solution could be to move 1 of the models in contact with the crab away with an activation but that probably not what you planned for.

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    Correct. The 50mm base needs to be able to move. This limits the crab to 4 or 5 (I forget which) passengers.

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