Gorotsi Deadly Flourish ability.
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Thread: Gorotsi Deadly Flourish ability.

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    Default Gorotsi Deadly Flourish ability.

    A Gorotsi War Dancer plans to attack an enemy model. After movement has taken place, she finds that she is out of range and unable to make her basic melee attack. Instead, she opts to use the Deadly Flourish ability. She is not able to completely jump the target and therefore just moves to the closest edge of the enemy model.

    Is the Gorotsi War dancer able to make the 1x D10 attack against the model that is now base to base, despite not passing through the model? If not, would she be able to attak if only part of her base passed through the enemy model? Eg, she moved to one side, so the the edges of each base would slightly pass?

    This seems a difficult one tbh. If you want to rules lawyer it, the first example is not allowed as it clearly states on the card "Passed Through", so no attack is triggered. However, my opponent claimed that he was now within melee range and attacked with 1x D10. My opponent isnt really a Warmachine player, so I believe his intensions were sound from his point of view and I allowed the attack, with a view to getting the rule confirmed. He metioned that people are looking into the rules too much and it had been stated as such, in varying forms of media since the KS.

    If on the second example, where the War dancer passed through the model using 1mm of his base to overlap 1mm of mine. Does this count as being passed through? Or does the War Dancer have to pass through the center point of the enemy base? This would allow slightly over half of the models bases to overlap.

    I know the above may appear argumentative, it isnt meant as such. I am aiming to fully understand where CMoN are directing thenrule set. Is it tournament and very precise rules like WM? Or a more gamer friendly game? With the card rules not having any examples in the book, it is hard to gauge their direction at this time.


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    For the War dancer, you have to move through the opponent, even if just a fraction of the Dancers base moves through a fraction of the opponents base. So in the case where the Dancer ended up in Contact with the opponent after using Deadly Flourish, but did not pass through any of the opponents base, the Dance could not attack the opponent. In the case where 1mm of her base passed through 1mm of the opponents base, she would get her attack.

    The best way to judge the rules is to go with just what is written on the card and not try to over think the rules, or guess what was intended.

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    Thanks again Swan. The first instance makes perfect sence to me. Could be a bit tricky at times to prove the slightest overlap. Im hopeful that people will apply good sportsmanship, but rules like these can attract play-to-win style of play. There is nothing wrong with this ofc, but may have to look around for people wanting to play the same style as you.

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