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    Default Nasier Pelegarth Shieldwall

    Shieldwall states:
    "You may remove 1x (lightening symbol) from the attack"

    Does this mean one of the damaging hits that caused a lightening symbol? Causing one damaging dice to be deleted from the attacking dice?
    Removes the top most lightening symbol on the damage track? number 9 in this case.

    If the first instance is true. Would this mean that a D10 value of 10 (a skull, therefore 2 damage) would only score 1 damage? Or would this only apply to a hit on a lightening symbol? 7, 8, 9 in this case.

    Hope this makes sence. Ive read it through a couple of times and I THINK it does. :P

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    It means that you may remove 1 Strike (lightning Symbol) result from the dice that are rolled, if a block (x) is also rolled.

    You cannot remove an Overpower (Skull), since that is not a strike.

    So, to use this ability you must be in base with a friendly model, and the attack had to use at least 2 dice. So if the opponent rolled a Block and a Strike, then you could negate the strike with the shield wall ability. If the opponent rolled an Overpower and a Block, then you would suffer the overpower.

    Now the Pelegarth also have evasion, so if an Overpower (10) was rolled and also a Block was rolled, you could change the 10 to a 9, which is now a strike, and then use the Shield Wall ability to use the Block to negate the strike.

    Hope that this helps

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    Yeah it does thanks Swan. Thats pretty much how I was thinking it tbh. But its hard for everyone to read the rules the same without an FAQ to example each special ability. With time, im sure we will understand which direction they are inteding with the rules. But for people new to gaming, or to this style of gaming at least, it can be quite complicated. Im dyslexic, so often get things arse about face. Hehe.

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