Dark Eldar Kabalite warrior
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Thread: Dark Eldar Kabalite warrior

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    Default Iyanden/Haemonculus coven

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    I used some Blu-tac to assemble a miniature i had painted it´s still needs the base painted.
    Though wheter or not it should be done in NMM or true metalic i don´t know yet.
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    oooo so shiny

    well the figure is nmm, so I'd say the base shouldn't be too different (also nmm).

    aand I think on the crests (head, shoulder, blade on the end of the weapon) you'd need to work a bit more to smooth it out AND add a bit more contrast (shadows at the bottom on the headcrest + more highlights on the top, more highlights on the shoulder and weapon-end)

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    Tried my hand on a Iyanden Spiritseer and a Haemonculus.
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