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Thread: Complete Nasier Pledge painted

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    Default Complete Nasier Pledge painted

    So as you can see, I got possessed by a speed demon and finished up my pledge in exactly 20 days.
    I've never painted so many miniatures in that short amount of time and while I of course made some compromises due to the sheer number of figures (I do not consider myself an accomplished painter but I would probably pay some more attention to detail in a Skirmish sized game) I do have to say that I am pleased with the results.

    Hope you like it.

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    Doing all that in 20 days is really an impressive feat. I haven't even finished gluing all mine together and making my bases (though, admittedly, the time I've been able to spend on it is rare). Great job!

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    Quote Originally Posted by unclebatman View Post
    Doing all that in 20 days is really an impressive feat.
    I can only second that.

    + It's incredible, that some have finished assemblind and painting everything, while others didn't get their pledges yet.

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    Looks great. Nice to see an entire army painted.

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    Super impressed that you got all this done so fast! You are a inspiration, sir.
    Like the scheme too, nice that you went your own way!

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    Beautiful. This looks grand!

    Akhan Thesh. Sometimes I just want to play him.

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    Very nice and well done for getting a faction finished.

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    Hey guys,
    thanks for the kind words.
    Now I only have to wait until Thursday to finally take them out for a spin . . .

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    Grats mate. Now I hope you enjoy many games with them, im sure we have a long road ahead of us!

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    Great motivation for me to finish mine! They look awesome!

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