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    Default Evil Dave's WoK Goritsi

    Here's something different for me, something that's bigger than 6 or 10mm!

    I picked up the Wrath of Kings Goritsi Kickstarter. I wasn't a fan of the vampires but the wolves and mercs looked pretty cool. So I sold off the vampire models on eBay and was left with enough to do a full battle game for a mere $40. Pretty good for getting into a new game I thought.

    These are what I've been working on at lunch: cleaning up and the mold lines and gluing. The mold lines were average, I spent about 15 minutes a fig cleaning them up. There's some gaps I'll need to putty as well but many of the part joins are very well hidden. The plan's to finish up the assembly first over the next couple of weeks of lunch.

    Overall I think they're nice models. I was a little leery of the PVC but the detail is decent enough I think, I did "sharpen" the weapons quite a bit though. I also wasn't a fan of the bases (never did like the big platform types) so I ordered some Renedra ones to use.

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    Nice! I've started building together a Teknes army and by GF a Shael Han one. Positively surprised by the detail level I have to say and most fitting was pretty clever.

    You're not the old forum goer Evil Dave with a new nick, no?

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    Nope, I usually try to put the space in there but it was taken. Apparently by this less than evil Evil Dave character.
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    Suggest a fight to the death...
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    Here's what I've been working on the past few weeks on lunch breaks. First up is my second unit of Skorza skirmishers. I didn't like the looks of the spear hafts that came with them, so I went with some brass rod instead.

    And here's Duke Anton and Korrad all built up.

    Next my stock specialists: Shield Breaker and Scourge Hound.

    I didn't like that the specialist didn't have alt sculpts, so I converted my own. I took the top of a Shield Breaker and put it on a spare skirmisher body, swapped out the bottom of the legs and added some thigh grieves.

    Finally, I made an alt scourge hound with the female skirmisher, swapping out her weapons, adding the hood and some various armor plates.

    Everything needs putty work, I'm hoping to get to that this week after I get my mercs, Lord Hob and Irene put together.

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    Work continues on the Goritsi. I got the Ravenscar mercenaries built this week along with Lord Hob and Iron Eyes.

    Looks like I won't need too much putty on most of these. There's a few hands with sprue gates in them that will need filling but only the characters have gaps (owed to their extra parts). I'm looking to tackle some of that tonight and next week.

    Still waiting for the bases for these guys, once I get those I can see about some games while they get painted up.

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    I got tired of waiting for the bases I ordered to come in, so I canceled that order and decided to work with those that came with the minis.

    To add some weight to them I added washers and then filled with up with resin. Overall it was pretty quick and lends a lot of balance to the figs as they're now so bottom heavy.

    My plans to add some rocks to a few of them as well using a Woodland Scenics rubber rock mold and the resin. That's why some are still unsanded.

    I also finished up puttying the Raverscar, Iron Eyes, Lord Hob and a pack of skirmishers. I also did a bit of the work on my Scourge Hound alternate, she got her arms, weapons and head puttied. I still need to finish the back of the hood and the armor plate areas.

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    Love wulfen minis. Will be interested to see how you paint them up.
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    Work continues with the basing and the puttying. I cast up some Woodland Sceneics rocks in resin and scatted them over a quarter of my bases and also added some bigger sand here and there.

    I was planning on putting Lord Hob on a rock but couldn't find one that worked well enough, so he just got the grit.

    I did find one that work pretty well for one of my alphas though.

    And with a bit of fiddling also turned the really funkily positioned female skirmisher sculpt into something more plausible in my opinion. I was pretty happy with how this one came out.

    I also based up stock specialists. The variants still need a bit more putty (along with Korrad and the Duke) hopefully they'll come next week and I can get all this primed.

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    I meant to post these last week but ended up leaving the memory card at home. The Scourge Hound alternate is done, I finished up the last of the putty work on her hood. Once the Shield Breaker alternate is done they'll both get the primer.

    I also finished up the flesh on a quad of Ravenscar. I also managed to finish up the hair and started on the socks since these pics.

    This week I'll finish up the socks and move on to the black leather parts (boots, gloves and pants).

    I'm hoping to finish these guys up for the CMoN Wrath of Kings painting competition that finishes up this month.

    I've played three games of Wrath of Kings now. I like it. It's quick and bloody (if you're within charge range of the enemy, something's going to die) with a decent amount of special rules. The biggest part of the games is the motivation (scenario goal) you choose. If you work towards achieving that you're in good shape.

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    Nice start on the paint and those wulfen sculpts look pretty nice.

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    Thanks guys.

    Sorry about the color. I had the camera on the wrong white balance. Work continues anyway.

    I took this guy a few steps ahead of everyone just to figure out my colors. I need to finish his leathers, cloak and metals.

    The rest are playing catchup, they still need their darker cloth and leather armor.

    This week I pretty much finished up the lighter cloth, blue kilt/armor thing and black leather boots, gloves and pants.

    The sergeant's jumpsuit got it's base coat too.

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    Looks awesome. What kind of resin did you use for the bases? Same method for Ravenscar bases?

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    Tidy work
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    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    Thanks guys. I used Smooth Cast 305 resin for them all, but any two-part resin ought to work. Finished model pics later this week (got a tourney for Sunday they're getting dressed up for). I finished one for the CMoN comp, the rest are nearly there.

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    I never got around to taking shots of these before the tourney this past weekend. Anyway, here they are: my first squad of Ravenscar. I started in on the eyes and skin of the second squad, but I'm heading back to 6mm land to finish some Thunderbolts for NEAT8. Pics next week, most likey.

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    Very good! Nice, clean paint, bet they look great on the table.

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    Great paint job! Very clean. Skin tones look great and I like your shades/highlights on the blue.

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