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    A few questions came up when I played recently and I couldn't find the answers in the FAQ or reference guide here:

    1. Does a player discard an energy card to avoid the Demon's Scorch ability or add it to the burned cards that count toward the end of a quarter?

    2. If an enemy figure starts out diagonally to one of the Amazons, can the Amazon take a reaction if the figure moves directly into an orthogonal square still in its kill zone?


    1 2 3
    4 A 5
    6 7 8

    If an enemy starts at 1 and moves to 2 does the Amazon get a reaction?

    3. If a player has no energy cards and plays a cheating card as a dead card in a contest, does it still count as a possible foul at scoring even though there was no benefit from the card?

    4. Does the Hardy ability cancel the 1 damage a figure would take from losing a fighting contest?

    5. As a follow up to 4, does Hardy work on every player's turn in a multiplayer game, or does it only reset once its team's turn starts again?

    Thanks for the help everyone!
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    1. Demon's Scorch use the keyword: "Burn". So yes, you burn it with your other burned cards
    2. RAW, yes. "If the active figure enters an enemy bruiser orringer’s killzone during its movement, the enemybruiser or ringer can attempt an attack or tackle asa reaction if they wish." p.14 rulebook

    3.Yes, you need to burn a card for a contest. At the end of the period, you need to bribe the ref for every burned cheat cards. Otherwise you roll the die.
    4. Cancel the 1st damage taken during EVERY turn. So whatever the 1st damage is: fire, failed attack, etc.
    5. Yes EVERY.

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