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    Default Crystal Brush 2015 pictures

    Crystal Brush 2015 is going on at Adepticon this weekend and the entries are pouring in. Here are some pics I was able to take before the crowds got too big. These are only from the first half of the first day of entry drop off, much much more will come in and I'll update with pics or if anyone else there wants to show what they have. There's some CMON forum rep in there, I recognize stuff from Sionid in there.

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    Thank you Fluisterwoud for the pics.

    Some pretty amazing stuff already!
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    I'm here but your boy gonna find me entering crystal brush just yet.... Where you will find me is downing a few stiff ones as I smoke till my chest caves in and contemplate my very existence why I do this geeky thing annnnyways barkeep another shot of Jameson.. And oh yeah don't forget to vote for yours truly .. Ill be informing all supporters to help out in say the 21at 1:00

    I should be slobber ... Sober by then. Slobber lol

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    Some of those seem familiar... The fact that Khonner's vampire can't be photo'd clearly is kind of appropriate :P
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    Fluster Thanks so much for the pics! amazing work, yeah pleanty of that work if from the gang

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    Goddamn 40k Daniel Craig. *bitter muttering* but seriously, that thing's incredible. And absurd. And incredible.

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    hoho, Kirill 'yellow one' got his piece in i see, thats a pretty cool marine lol

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    Yeah his model was definitely the star of the show, it drew a large crowd pretty quick.

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    Ben Komets should deliver his piece soon, i heard his flight was 22h delayed

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    A 22 hour delay?! The longest I was ever delayed at an airport was 5 hours and that was hell, I can't image being delayed almost a full day.

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    Kirill's one is pretty decent... pretty decent.......

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    Don't forget we need a CMON crowd cluster for faces to names.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fluisterwoud View Post

    Is that Daniel Craig Cosplaying a Chapter master?

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    How big is that thing? Seems huge, but it might just be the picture.

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    I can't wait to see Ben Komets's piece - I've just been told it does something special, along the lines of innovation of Matt Cexwish some years ago at GD. Just what the heck it is, I'm very keen on finding out !
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    Quote Originally Posted by oistene View Post
    How big is that thing? Seems huge, but it might just be the picture.
    It's probably 200mm, it's quite large.

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