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    NSA - looks great ... I have this mini primed right now and have been thinking about it ... the \"stock\"paint job is so awesome, picking colors is causing me some grief. Hey, BTW, how \"clean\" was your mini? I have a number of little airholes in all the \"red\" gems on the shoulder pad.

    Kinda frustrating ... I\'m curious to see whether I will have to fill them or whether some paint will just fill them for me.


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    It\'s a great mini, challenging to paint. I too had some air holes, to be honest they\'re still there since I didn\'t notice them until I was painting. Mine were on the gems too :( But glob some primer in there and you can probably fill them up... ghetto style :D

    As for the colours, you could use my brother\'s idea and do him in dark colours, as a Nazgul...? Or maybe in all green?

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    Originally posted by No Such Agency
    As for the colours, you could use my brother\'s idea and do him in dark colours, as a Nazgul...? Or maybe in all green?
    Yeah, Jim, he could look cool in dark tones with pale skin.

    @NSA: Wow, he\'s really coming along! I\'m definitely liking the gold, although as you said, it\'s a bit dark on the shoulder pad. Perhaps some washes of a lighter base colour might help it?

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    He definitely has that \"daylight\" ringwraith look about him ... I\'ll have to give that some thought ... thanks for the tips. And, about the airholes, I was thinking brush-on primer as the way to fill them too.


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    @Jim.......the vallejo putty might do the job on the airholes?

    @Tab......glad you weathered the skull.It was too clean even for a laydeee wearing it.:D

    @NSA......I think the gold highlight needs another pure white.I always have trouble like that.Sometimes you have to take it over the top to make the photo look right.
    Looking great BTW.

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    @NSA - it`s turning out really nicely.

    @sivousplay - sometimes I use watered down miliput for filling such holes. that may work on your model.

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    @NSA - Now that NMM is looking good. I really like this mini and your paint scheme is very cool. Wasn\'t sure I liked the dots on the fir at first, but once I looked at it for a few minutes, they just \"fit\"... and great job on all of those gems, god that would have driven me crazy! ;)

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    NSA that mini is a real corker I must get a hold of some of these they are so cool.

    TAB I knew that I should have bought one of those busts yours is looking great I think for me that this is your finest piece yet that I have seen.

    Ever onward with the cyborg from Sacredblade and I am now starting to make some real progress. I wanted a military kind of look about him so went for the drab greens on the plating which so far is looking ok IMO. I intend to add a few little scrapes here and there just to give it that battleworn look. Also the human leg needs a little more highlighting as well.

    This mini is so far my most favourite SB mini I have done, I can honestly recommend it to anybody who is thinking about trying Sacredblade out.

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    Tid: That minis looking really cool! I love your skin tones, one thing I\'ve always struggled with myself :(

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    I`ve attached the arms to check highlight points on the axe. they`ll require some corrections.
    at this point I`ve started to think about the base. I wish it to go well with other (check Kael the Irascible ) but I think this model deserves something a bit better. all the ideas appreciated :).

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    and the shark apears yet again! (sorry for pic size.... and the darness)

    (pic removed till i can make it better lol)

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    Originally posted by Wolf_Fang
    and the shark apears yet again! (sorry for pic size)

    Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water....

    You didn\'t even make it to the car!

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    @NSA: Love that mini, you worked out that \"royal\" look very well. I too tjink the gold needs a few spot of pure white, but it looks really fine already.
    @Tidocco: I just love the \"eddieish\" skin. Looks a bit like the Eddie Version on Somewhere in time. Up the Irons !!
    @malleus: Its simply amazing what you did with that giant. For the base i think he might look cool on a snow base. Or you could add a victim of him trying to flee, which could make his size pop out more.

    Heres a mini im working on. Its a Reaper Orc Warlord. I tought his axe was way to small so a made a bigger one out of plasticcard. Tell me what you think about the armour I thought it was too dark, should i do some more highlighting? Im still struggeling with my new digi cam (fuji s5500) and the way to make good pictures of metals if anyone has a good advice...
    Anyway heres the pic:

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    I don`t think this armour is too dark (maybe a breastplate, but that might be because of the pic). The rust effect (especially on axe) is great. How did you do that?
    I think that your model would benefit from a bit of blacklining.

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    Not posted any pics on here for a while, some may remember my techmarine I posted here a while back - it\'s still at the same stage as the last pic I\'m afraid :( but its in the pipeline!

    Reason being I\'m going to the GW Conflict tournament in Northampton next month and need to get my army painted. Here is a pic of my winged Hive Tyrant for the army. You can\'t see it all, I\'ll have to get a better pic with more of it in next post. All that\'s really left now is the red, which is taking a while!

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    @Tidico: Wow, can\'t say how much I love that model. The plating is awesome! It looks almost cyrilesque in the style of the shading and highlighting. What colours did you use for it?

    @Malleus: What can I say, his plate-armour looks incredible! The colour goes well with the filigree. I think the axe could do with a bit of spicing up, though. More shading or something?

    @Wolf_Fang: Great job. Two questions, though. 1) What\'s in his hand? :D 2) Have you thought about googling some shark pictures for some reference? Might bring it to life even more.....

    @AZOutlaw: The metals look perfect....nice Allan C thing going on with the axe. :) His chest armour looks like it could do with a bit of shading, actually, but that might just be the angle of the pic talking.

    @Stef86: I\'d like to see a better pic, but that red positively glows! Why oh why did GW change the colour scheme? :(

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    Originally posted by Nelson
    Why oh why did GW change the colour scheme? :(
    Tell me about it, hate the new scheme and its gonna be all over everywhere! :( ah well. Will try and get a better pic up either tonight or tomorrow.

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    1 i honestly dont know... it comes that way... its like a squid or something.... 2 i want it blue :P besides this pic is pretty dark :rolleyes:

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    @tidoco - wow, that guy looks MEAN! All crazed and unauthorized-military-project like. The flesh and armour look great so far, what are you planning to do with that... thing in his hand?

    @wolf fang *cough* *cough* PS: you still playing UT2004? I\'m trying to get back into it...

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    how bout i just use photoshop? lol.... as for UT... OF COURSE!

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