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    @James....Ive got him primed on the shelf too.Not sure about colour myself.
    I know look up Rainbow Trout and copy the colouration on the belly.

    @Arthur + Edgar.......I believe some sort of vaccuum chamber is the right tool for the job.Same as what you explained in theory.This is to suck the air out before pouring.Also carefull mixing eliminates a lot of air.
    Another tip is to cut a \"runner\" into the mould that goes from the bottom and up the side with a pouring funnell.Pouring the resin in the funnell will fill the mould from the bottom up and prevent a load of trapped air.
    Plenty vents as big as possible will help.
    Vibrating the mould after pouring helps to release trapped air.Sit them on the washing machine and stick it on spin.Or fork out a whole load of dosh for a purpose built machine.

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    Originally posted by Fizl
    ... unless you want to paint him to look like Barney :D

    yea I guess that could look a little like barneylol

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    Kute your new avatar Kicks Ass!

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    @Klute- Yea, the rainbow trout is a good idea. I will tape a picture of one on the wall in front of my painting table. Does anyone else do that? My wall has tons of pictures of minis and techniques taped on it. And I know it\'s a few days late, but your avatar is awesome!lol

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    Thanks for the comments about the eyes. My method for painting eyes is what is known as \"terror painting\".. or maybe terror isn\'t a strong enough word to describe the emotion I feel as I try to paint the eyes. :|~

    @Malleus: I really like that figure, and the parts you\'ve painted so far look very nice.

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