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    This is a re-post from Dragon Painting. Some buddies are starting a new Steampunk game.

    It's finally here! I would like to introduce Twisted, a new steampunk tabletop adventure game which I am developing alongside Sebastian Archer and Adam Weller here in Australia!

    The first releases are Ollyver – a raging brute from the Dickensians faction, and Nouveau – inscrutable leader of the Servants of the Engine.

    Both releases are premium Collector’s Edition resin figures, strictly limited to 500 casts and sold with a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity. Once this resin run is gone, no more resin copies will be made – ever! So get in fast if you want to share a piece of history and own one of the Twisted debut releases.

    We are enormously excited to be launching the Twisted range, and there will be regular releases each month from now on as we discover new characters from our first two factions, as they prepare to face off against each other in legendary struggle for control of the mysterious Engine!

    The game rules are currently in play-testing and are slated for release later in the year.

    What is Twisted?

    Twisted is a steampunk-themed tabletop skirmish adventure game, with the finest range of 32mm steampunk miniatures on the market. The immersive, narrative-driven world of Twisted revolves around opposing factions, as they attempt to discover the location of the mysterious entity known as The Engine. It’s up to you to determine which faction will protect – or enslave – this powerful steampunk-world-generating device!

    The visual design of Twisted is founded on ramshackle mechanical Victorian steampunk blended with the organic, decorative style of Art Nouveau. These two elements create an interesting visual opposition to each other in our artwork and characters. The idea underpinning many of our figures is to take famous characters and ‘twist’ them into an alternate steampunk form to make them part of our universe. Hence the name – Twisted!

    We’ve put a lot of work into character design and our lead sculptor, Sebastian Archer, is one of the most recognisable names in the industry. We’re proud to have what we think are the most detailed, characterful, and highest quality 32mm steampunk miniatures in the world!

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    Watch out! This range is incredible. If you are a display painter looking for the types of surfaces and textures that aid your contrast and support a fine paint job (rather than detract from one, as we have all dealt with from time to time), then go give these people your money. Seriously. The reason I say that these minis take to painting so well is that they were sculpted by someone who is also a world class painter, as Sebastian Archer knows what will paint well.

    Beyond this, it looks like a damn cool skirmish game. The setting is unique, Steampunk with an Oliver Twist. But the creative energy brought to these models from the initial sketches by the artist, to the subsequent revisions made by a team receptive to C&C, to the beautiful sculpting, and finally flawless casting make these truly one of a kind. I've had the privilege and good luck to see some of what these guys have to offer in the future, and let me just say that I have fashioned a leather sling apparatus that keeps my jaw from slackening and landing on the floor every time I see a new cast from Twisted. At the very least do yourself a favor and tie a bandana around your jaw and over the top of your head as a hasty DIY means of avoiding sudden slack jaw injury from the dangerous viewing of Demented Miniatures. Proceed with caution.
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