I'd like to see Naval battles in future Rivet Wars games or expansions. The Hajame v. Barbary conflict is perfect for it, as it sets up a cool Japanese v. Berber Pirate type clash. We already have a beach landing scenario that's fun, and we simulate naval gunfire (2 dice all armor types, flat grid) and developed suppression effects (3-4 suppresses the grid, meaning they can't fire or move for 1 turn without a leader/hero in or adjacent to the grid) to support it. It would be nice to have the actual models duking it out, dodging airstrikes and rounds from shore-based artillery while pounding the beach defenses.

Also, who wouldn't enjoy slugging it out dreadnought-style in ship-to-ship surface battles? Add submarines/torpedo boats and escort destroyers and you've got an epic showdown.

Expansion could be the sea version of Battle of Brighton:

- Dreadnought w/ two plug slots
- 2 x destroyers (plug slot?)
- 2 x torpedo boats
- 1 anti-air plug
- 1 x hero plug
- 1 x artillery plug
- 6 x sea tiles (3 with islands, 3 with beaches on reverse)