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    Which Clan are you going to play as and why? I know they all have the same stats, but I'm sure some people are drawn to a particular clan for one reason or another.

    I'm going for the Ram clan, and not just because they cost me an extra $30. I'm an Aries and a Ram Clan banner would go great in my game room.

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    I'm going to be the Wildboar clan for sure! They're sculpts are just too great to pass up along with that majestic royal purple color! Wildboars all the way!!!
    To be fair though, before they were announced, I was leaning towards the Raven clan.

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    My wife and I both play quite often. I painted our set as a metallic theme, the base warriors are silver, the mystics and leader are silver with gold weapons/accessories, and the monsters are a dark steel with dark bronze weapons and clothes. I painted the environmental bits (like the Fenrir's stone, or the Mountain Giant's stones an onyx color) and the water for the ships and Sea Serpent a metallic blue. The only reason i bring this up, is that when you paint them in this fashion, the clans really stand out. And my favorite to you, because they look so amazing, is the Crow/Raven clan, while my wife loves the Serpent clan. They all look great, BUT those are our two favorites.

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    I use the Serpent clan the most with the Wolf Clan a close second

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