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    I'm wondering how many SDE fans are supporting SPM's new KS, Ninja All Stars. A crossover pack called Super Dungeon: Ninja pack is included with the base pledge and there's an active conversation on how to convert even more mini's for use as SDE enemies. If you haven't seen it, check it out:

    "While Ninja All-Stars is superficially similar to our popular dungeon adventure game Super Dungeon Explore, Ninja All-Stars is a stand-alone game in a wholly new world. Creating cross-overs of every ninja clan, Hero, and Ronin in Ninja All-Stars would run counter to the very exciting plans we have for the Wandering Monk Mountain region of Super Dungeon. However, just like our fans, we could not resist the idea of brave Heroes battling ninja in beautiful temples and mist-haunted wilderness. So we created the Super Dungeon: Ninja Pack.
    The Ninja Pack includes a new Elemental Affinity mechanic. This allows players to choose an Elemental Affinity for their ninja at the beginning of the game, granting them new and interesting abilities. This mechanic allows you to easily represent any (or every) Ninja All-Stars clan in your games of Super Dungeon. The Hero profiles and Elemental Affinity allow you to choose any Ninja All-Stars Hero or Ronin model to represent your Master or Mystic.

    Super Dungeon Ninjas includes: Wandering Master and Wandering Mystic Heroes, Elemental Affinity reference card, Oni mini-boss, Elemental Shrine paired spawning point, Classic and Arcade Mode Chunin, Kunoichi, Madoushi, Kaiken, and Yajiri cards."

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    We are backing this game! The minis are wonderful, and the art is too!

    They just launched gameplay videos which I have not yet had a chance to watch through fully,

    Check the Gameplay Vids here:

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    Saturday update, a new clan hero paint

    Clan Kitsune Hero Tamamo no Mae

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