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    Default card query and strange occurence

    firstly med pack prevent next 2 damage - (as opposed to prevent up to 2 damage on combat medic) if the damage was 1 point would the medpack then prevent 1 damage from the next attack or should it read like the medic

    Secondly a situation I was armoury and i had deployed a unit with the foil lifeguard armour (if killed unit fights for 1 more combat round) - on last combat of wave it died while killing its opponent . Strict wording would mean i should mark the armour activated but leave the unit in line for combat 1 of next wave. then as armoury I can heal 1 unit to full at the start of the next round so I could heal the unit to full preventing its death (we did it this way as we were getting battered anyway and it let us last a little longer) strangely the same occured next round as well. probably a rare occurence but could do with an official ruling.

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    You can check here:

    I think the part you are looking for is:

    6. Issue that came up regarding the upgraded/heroic Rescue armor (Savior Armor). I had it equipped to my last troop in my lane. A Shifter popped up that made it have to fight. After one combat, that troop successfully dealt enough damage to kill the Shifter, but it also got dealt lethal damage. But with the Savior Armor, it instead is not killed, but allowed to fight in one more combat and then is discarded. But, there was a relatively full lane of troops before it. In fact, that troop with the Savior Armor never had another combat. The previous troops ended up handling the lane (and all died themselves). So the only thing left at the end of that entire combat phase was one lone troop that was allowed to fight in one more combat before being discarded (even funnier, it was the Lone Survivor!). It only seemed fair that during the cleanup phase, I discard this troop, although technically, it hadn't fought in 'one more combat.' Thoughts

    Corner case scenario. I would say to kill him at end of the round, but the technical effect is he stays until he fights 1 more time.

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    Default and first

    Thanks and the 1st item in that post says once something is dead it cannot be healed so whichever I took I would be unable to heal the troop using the barracks ability (tho I could drop in a lazarus medpack until it is removed I guess)

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