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    Howdy folks, new player here checking in!

    I was unable to get in on the KS to my deep regret- but now funds are better I took the plunge and started to pick up my first few WOK models: Hadross starter plus Cavalier, Goritsi starter plus blood-engine, Teknes starter plus CAGE and somebody's KS Nasier starter plus extras and characters off ebay- quite a lot I know, but I decided to just go for it since they are such nice models (though Hadross are my favourites- hence the name)!

    Unfortunately they have to come from overseas- thankfully I've had my rulebook for a week or two now and I absolutely love the rules- really looking forward to demoing them for my small gaming group!

    Anyway I thought I'd introduce myself- hope to be able to post up some painted figures and battle reports here over the coming months...


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    Quick update- my Goritsi and Hadross starters arrived this morning, much sooner than I was expecting!
    Spent around 45 minutes putting together a couple of 'Intro' level forces with a nice mix of troops in each- really impressed with how easily they go together!
    I'll be undercoating my Hadross this afternoon...

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    Hi guv, where are you based? There are a couple of us in Chelmsford with armies..

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    Hi guys, I've finally got my computer back after a couple of weeks! In the meantime my other WOK stuff arrived and I've nearly got my Intro-level Hadross army painted up!
    Just my Shael-Han to arrive now...
    Unfortunately I'm based up in North West Yorkshire so a fair way away from you!

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