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    Hello. I have a question. What tool you use to cut your mini (me made from wire, fimo and green stuff) to little parts? Of course with the less damage? Thanks for help.

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    this depends on several factors,.. What sort of material is it made from? how small/large is the piece being cut? Are there any weird angles? is anything else "in the way" that shouldn't be cut? If it's plastic/fimo/green stuff then a hobby saw/coping saw/or even a rasp/file if the piece is thin enough. I'd just say to maybe try to steer clear of any "high speed" tools like dremels, as they can chip/burn the plastics. On metals however, a dremel with a thin cutting wheel can be your best friend ever. A thin bladed coping saw can be useful for weird angles or tight spaces.
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    Here is the mini what need some cutting. I want use silicone to take the negative, so need many pieces. The wings are in 80%..
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    for that, I'd use a thin bladed coping saw. Make the cuts at the shoulder joints where the arms/legs meet the body, and then the head. You could probably do this in just those 5 basic pieces,.. 6 if you want to split the head into upper and lower jaw sections.
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    Thank for the info. I will buy one.

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