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Thread: Dawn of war character conversions...

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    Default Dawn of war character conversions...

    The characters from dawn of war, has anyone tried to do conversions of them yet? I assume that GW will, no doubt do some sort of Limited Ed release of something that Bobby Wong will have to better but until then I was thinking about putting my less than handsome greenstuff skills to the test. Anyone have
    a) any ideas
    b) is already doing it yet

    answers on a postcard.

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    As far as I know, Tom Schadle has done two, but there are probably many more. I\'d say go ahead, the Blood Ravens look like a cool chapter. As for ideas, I don\'t have the game, so I can\'t really say. The commander is an obvious choice, though.


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    well..... id do a mixture of gw parts and greenstuff, if your skills with the putty aint great, (mine are pathetic!!)
    id try the force comander from the campaign, as he looks a really cvool character, and making his hammer would be so much fun! :D it rocks

    youll have to show us on the work in progress thread when you start

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    Damn they look good!?!:( Tom knows his stuff. ok I\'ll have a crack why not, we can all learn to sculpt with me!:D

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    wow that staff and the power sword - incredible! if i was doing one, it would be the force commander as aragorns mate says - it\'d be fun doing that hammer!

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    Well I may seem like an ignorant but what is dawn of war ???

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    Message original : frenchkid
    Well I may seem like an ignorant but what is dawn of war ???
    Simple frenchkid : the most awsome PC game of the moment and it\'s based on WH40k (Space Marines, Orks, Chaos Marines, and Eldar). You can download the demo on the web ... only 300Mo, but it\'s worth it ;).

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    Default Thanks for enlighting me !!

    Sounds cool :D
    I\'ll add it to my list of games to catch up on once I have found a replacement for my old ibook. Then I won\'t have to keep putting coal in my computer to keep it running :P That list of games I\'m missing just keeps growing :(

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    Its really amazing to see that GW have actually managed to learn from their past failings in something and then done something about it! And How! Dawn of War is actually an amazing game in its own right not just an amazing GW game... Amazing!:D

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    Default i agree...

    if anything Dawn of War will entice video gamers to start checking out some of the actual tabletop stuff....who knows maybe the next Cyril is out there right now holding a joystick instead of a paint brush..

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    so it\'s good eh? may have to get that. i have the demo disk you get free from gw stores and it looks good but i wasn\'t sure how it will play. along with doom3, another to get! can\'t afford this

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    The game has a user interface very close to War Craft III. But that\'s where the comparison stops. Troop wise you have to think with squads instead of units and forget about ressources;now you have to take stratigecal points on the map to get reinforcements. What I love about this game is it\'s dynamics, to win you can\'t just sit back and build stuff. The multiplayer mode is just so cool. They must bring out more armies. The only drawback is the campaign that isn\'t long enough, but what a cool game ;).

    To get back on topic ;), at one moment, I was thinking of sculpting an Eldar Wraith Bone Singer. I bet GW will make one for the next Eldar Codex ;).

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    i might have a go at the force commander, time permitting

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    To add to the disscussion about dawn of war yeah... it is alright.

    it is pretty.

    the unit droppod stuff is tight.

    the game doesn\'t bite the big one but that is kinda a prerequesite for all games... that they not suck. then again all the previous titles blew hard.

    The sound effects get VERY repetitive.

    The battles are not exciting. The units stand there and trade licks. very dull in a mmorpg kinda way.

    the captured relic aspect of the game does really seem to work well.. kinda like they decided it at the late minute.

    a level editor would have been nice

    fire prisms need to have the player specify. otherwhise you tend to have your fire prisms shooting each... VERY DUMB.

    also the squad replinishing it a bit cheesy IMO

    Bottom line:
    Not too pleased with this game. It\'ll do for some quick fun.... but I\'d be happier playing starcraft and warcraft.

    as for which one to do... yeah I agrea with everyone the force commander would rawk.

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    Default farce command this

    IMHO, the cut scene alone make this game worth buying. They are really fun to watch. To me, watching the Dred chug across the field was awesome, until an ork stikbombed his chunky butt. But the orks driving across the battlefield to bring some whoopass really made me want to buy a Forgeworld truk and paint up a squad of squabbling orks,( like Victoria\'s) to go in it.

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    Wow nice one J23:o make sure to post it here once it\'s painted, can\'t wait :flip:
    And also welcome to the forum hope you\'ll stick around :D

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    It is not my mini (unfortunately), I came over it when browsing DOW forums and thought of this thread. If the painted mini gets posted I will post it here. :)

    Thanks! And I have been lurking here for a looong time (just check the joining date), no intention of leaving so far. :cool:

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    Fiend finished his awesome Big Mek conversion. See it in all it\'s orkish glory here:cool:

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