......on the Kindness of Strangers....A Huge Thank You.
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Thread: ......on the Kindness of Strangers....A Huge Thank You.

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    Default ......on the Kindness of Strangers....A Huge Thank You.

    Yesterday I was treat to one of the most unexpected and generous occurrences of my (somewhat) long life.

    Lee (10 Ball) arranged to meet up with me before we all went into Salute, so we clustered together outside the hall were he proceeded to give me a gift which had been organised between several of the members of this community!

    Although, according to Lee, the instigator(s) wanted to remain anonymous the gift itself has identified them to me!

    I am immensely touched and so deeply grateful for your generosity and kindness.
    The lump in my throat is still there this morning as I'm writing this.

    I have been a member on here since 2001 and privileged to be a moderator for a number of years and seen some good things within this community, but this has taken my breath away!

    For those of you not in this secret I was given this:-

    Plus a sizeable amount of money, which was put towards a lot of new items from Freebooter.

    Sonce again to all you wonderful people who were in on this THANK YOU
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