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    Default CMON Responses?

    Does anyone ever actually get a response when they submit a question via the "Contact Us" form? I've sent in several and never heard back.

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    Hmmm no responses here either, I suppose
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    Try support instead, that usually works.

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    Contacted them a couple weeks ago and got a reply within a day.

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    Once had a site account related issue. No response.
    Once had a store purchase related issue. No response. - Commission Miniature Painter
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    If this is true I will avoid spending in the CMoN store. It sounds like experiences may vary.
    ​You are ranked 1 out of 9149 artists.
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    yep, looks like they vary.
    - I had once or twice problems with the downloadable content. Both reply and fix for it was done in 24 hours.
    - and I had once an inquiry about RK, response was fast (in a day), but answer pissed me off (was basically told to have fun with SPM support).

    as for responses now: afaik they are doing maintenance of the shop, so admin side of support might be down too in the next few days.
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    Responses have started rolling in, perhaps someone got back from vacation or something.

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    I noticed that there was a new name from customer service. Might have been a change of personell...

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