Things found during tutorial and first solo play
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Thread: Things found during tutorial and first solo play

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    Default Things found during tutorial and first solo play

    iPhone 5S

    Tutorial, at the end, when meeting the Overseer the instructions are to press the Done button but there is only a Fight button.

    Solo game:
    • How do you burn Xenosathem cards? I got the Discard pile visible but would have expected the cards to be purple or something
    • I think it looks a bit weird that the button to end a combat is always "Fight", maybe it would be a bit clearer to use "Finish it" when an enemy is already reduced to 0hp, "Reveal next" when there is no enemy to fight (when the last reveal moved the enemy to the end of lane for example)
    • Leech card disappeared from zoomed in mode. I had a Ranger and a Leech fighting. The ranger died triggering the Leech bonus and animation. My next Militia animated into view for the next fight but the Leech just disappeared so it looked like the Militia had no-one to fight. I had to tap outside and then double tap the fighting cards to get the Leech visible in zoomed in mode.

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    I had a similar issue with the Leech vs Ranger that it dropped out of the zoomed in mode for the leech only left the ranger zoomed in though.

    at the end when there are still multiple Hive left is there a faster way to clear the track, having to use fight when there are 5 monsters left is very slow to go through.

    hand size of more than 5 cards starts to hide the buttons on the right side making it difficult to select an option, and when in wave 2 you can heal a troop, but have none available, there is no done, only cancel, again hidden due to the hand size and couldn't see the option easily

    ios 8.3 iPad Air
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    iPad mini
    iOS 8.1

    So far, not got beyond the 'Initialising Hive Deck' point when loading, then the app crashes

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    Only tried the tutorial on the 5a so far, but I also saw the Fight/Done conflict (instructions vs. the button I can see).

    With respect to pressing fight to allow each enemy to the base. I agree that the word 'fight' is odd, but I do not think that there should be a bulk 'they all go through' button. Players may still have cards in their hands that can be played to stop specific monsters from coming through and those may need to be decided case-by-case, especially in multi-player games.

    Finally, on the iphone I find it just too difficult to the successfully 'click' on equipment that is assigned to a Troop. The card overlap is so small that it took me about 9 finger 'mashes' just to get to the shotgun to use its special effect. Related to this, hovering (touching) a Troop is nice, but it should expand their equipped Item cards as well so that you can see what is really on a Troop.

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    Ok many things in this thread:

    - Xenosathem cards are burned/replaced automatically in the app.
    - Leech "running from fights": Will investigate and fix
    - iPad mini 1st generation will probably not be supported I'm affraid, it's equivalent to an iPad 2, will open another thread for hardware related stuff.
    - Will improve hand layouting for more than 5 cards
    - Will implement a way to view "other" cards in the same zone when you zoom any of them. Should fix the difficulty of clicking equipment on phones.

    Finally, about the Fight button:

    We're planning on changing the flow of combat so that you don't actually have to click ever to proceed, it will be the opposite: You'll have a pause button instead, which you can click if you want to take action or read something more carefully. Otherwise combat will flow without interaction and phases will be skipped on a set timer.

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