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    Are the designers involved in the App creation and the rule implementations. I'm on a forum on BGG which has designer input and I'm noticing some difference already, specifically the APP's description of when things are burned and what happens to them (the app seems to indicate that burned cards are fully removed from the game which is only the case when there is no item stack for them to return to).

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    Yes, I failed to introduce myself properly. I'm Lucas Martini, working with Cool Mini or Not as the developer and producer of the app and I've been working closely with Michael Shinall, lead developer of the board game.

    This case was a major oversight of my own though, the rulebook clearly states what you mentioned, that burned cards should be returned to resource stacks if they exist!
    This will be fixed in an upcoming version, thanks for the heads-up!

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    Good to meet you Lucas. I 'm looking forward to seeing the continued app development. Its quite a challenge taking a game with so many interactions and applying to a structured format like this, so far I'm very impressed, although I haven't dug into multi-player yet. Let me ask you a question. With a game and development project like this you are going to deal with a lot of people reporting things as bugs which may technically be correct but don't line up with the way the beta testers believe that a card should be read/intended/etc... How are you going to sort those items out from the legitimate issues without this becoming a 'rules' forum and what is the most helpful way in which we as beta testers can present questions without it all becoming a mashed up jumble of forum questions? Do you want new topics for each specific issue?

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    All I ask is for you guys to read the (recently posted) "Known Issues" thread; but otherwise feel free to speak your mind about whatever.
    Even if you have rules questions, I'll try to clear things whenever I can.

    When in doubt, report it!

    Thanks for the feedback!

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