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    Default dark elf colors

    I am new so I hope I am not opening old news for some ideas..I want to know how others are painting dark elves..i\'ve surfed the pics on this site and got some good ideas but an not going with the black and purple scheme...look forward to any suggestions:idea:

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    Well, lessee..

    You say you don\'t want to go with purple/black. Are you talking about the flesh colors, or the garment colors?

    ??? Do you want to stick with a scheme that has some \'authenticity\'? Meaning, do you want to stick with a scheme that has been mentioned in descriptions of various game systems or literature? Or do you just want ideas for how to make your dark elves stand out? Fair warning, I have no idea what is \'authentic\' for the various gaming systems folks play. So my suggestions are all strictly aesthetic in nature.

    You could look to the races of the world today for inspiration for the colors of flesh.. Dark could mean African, or it could mean Latin. Or it could be the color of their spirit and their flesh and hair could be northern European (i.e. blonde and pale-skinned). Can you imagine a Dark Elf with red hair and freckles?

    If you\'re talking about clothing and accessory colors, you could take inspiration from the civilizations of the past. How about a Greek Dark Elf? or a Mongol? Or an Asian-inspired scheme with lots of red, gold, and black. A Dark Elf pretending to be something else would be interesting, like a Dark \"Wood Elf\"..

    If you play one of the systems, consider whether you want to conform to their expected color schemes or not. Some may have rules about what folks can and can\'t do, I dunno. But if it\'s simply an aesthetic choice, you have huge flexibility. It doesn\'t have to be purple and black, it could be yellow and white.

    Anyway, dunno if that helps or not. Have a good time with it, anyway. :)

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    Default I know it\'s trendy

    but I kinda prefer the purple and black motif.
    But here\'s some other basic color schemes that I like (not necessarily for dark elves but - I hope they spark something useful):

    1) Red with deep yellow trim/edgings/ turnbacks/cuffs/collars whatever
    2) Mostly Purple with deep yellow accents, trim, etc.
    3) Purple with Dark Gray with deep yellow accents/trim, etc
    4) Dark Gray with deep yellow accents/trim
    5) Black with Dk Blue accents/trim
    6) Dark Blue with white accents/trim

    Anything good in there?

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    Hey guys thanks for the replies...you both gave me great ideas for my dark elves...i\'m thinking of red armor. glossy for an oriental laquered armor look with yellow and gold trimming accents etc...they are going to be my mongol inspired, horse riding, fighters of chaos, and enemies of the dreaded wo!

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    sounds cool! can\'t wait to see \'em!

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