Combat phase will not resolve
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Thread: Combat phase will not resolve

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    Default Combat phase will not resolve

    Running game on iPhone 6 with 8.3.

    In Phase 3 Wave 3, a fight between the Swarm Caller and Hyperion Assualt Battery is stuck in limbo with the Swarm Caller at 0 health and the HAS at 1 health. The HAS's special ability was used to take out the Searm Crawler in one hit. The game has not frozen though, as music and animations are playing, but only the chat and menu buttons are accessible. Tapping on the cards or the cancel button does nothing. A screenshot of the problem is posted below. Could not get the game to continue, and had to end the game. First time I have come across the issue.

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    I have had the same happen with zero health on the NorTec side. iPad Air 2
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