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    Default Bark texturing

    Does anyone have any scource for a texturing tool for bark on trees? I'm making a tree out of the stem of a pumpkin. I'll be skinning it in femo or something once it's all sculpted so I can texture it properly but I'd rather do that with a tool if I can instead of just doing it bit by bit by hand.

    If no tools are out there does anyone have any suggestions how I can make one?
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    According to a good guidebook I have: used stiff toothbrush seems to be working good.

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    text is (about):
    "I use a woodfiller paste for this.
    We apply the stuff with a stick and an old brush. It begins to set fast, so as soon as part is applied it's smoothed in and textured with an old toothbrush. Then I wait until the paste isn't sticky anymore.
    Then I create the rest of the textrure with a screwdriver and a blade." (either x-acto or razor, I'm not sure)

    apparently there is an english version of his books too. I found the one with the vegetation here:
    I really recommend them as there is a LOT of info in there.

    For example the themes in the "Let's build a diorama 2: nature":
    - surface
    - earthwork : desert, mud, footprints,
    - rocks
    - vegetation
    - grass
    - trees: trunk, leaves, example - maple, example - pine, example - palm
    - using real plants
    - dried plants
    - conserved with pva
    - conserved with glicerin
    - examples: sunflower, reed, moss
    - Effects
    - snow
    - melted snow
    - icicle
    - frozen puddle

    Also apparently he has 5 books so far (I have 3): diorama1 - urban, diorama2 - nature, diorama3 ??? (edit: ohh I noticed it will be released this october), diorama -stone, diorama-accessories
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    I would probably use bark.
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    Nice info, MAXXxxx. Love the idea of woodfiller.

    Bark comes in a lot of different textures. One of those photos looks like it'd make really convincing Mesquite, but a Birch tree's bark peels like someone had taken a cheese grater and shaved it only part of the way. Some barks look like loosely wrapped paper machete that was shrunk rapidly with a hair dryer. (Like raisin skin)

    What kind of tree are you going for?

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    Try doing a push mould of real bark if you are happy to use putty. Also crackle paint can look good

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