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    I, for one, am hoping that AQ follows suit with Super Dungeon Explore and Krosmaster Arena and develops co-op/solo rules for the follow-up. Any way to play more AQ is a good thing!

    Eric Lange is having a helluva year, btw. Blood Rage was a hit, The Others: 7 Sins is dropping this summer, and now Arcadia Inferno is on the way.
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    I hope they don't waste time and resources on copying other games. AQ is great because of the PvPvE. If you eliminate one of those factors it becomes a bland game. I'd prefer they not try to shoehorn the game into something it's not.

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    I wouldn't automatically assume that adding a new gameplay mode would detract from the original. I play a solo version of AQ and it hasn't diminished the PvPvE experience I get when I play in a group. I think Eric, Thiago and the team are capable and I'd like to see something like an encounter deck to give us a way to play AQ outside of our group.

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    I'd like to see an option for 5 or 6 players

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    So, got press release? How about for Masmorra?

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    I went to the Cmon Expo today and saw these guys. I have no other info on them except that they might be related to the next expansion and they look like heroes.

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    Is that a retail boxed Hitch figure?

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    They had a promo sale with Arcadia Quest. You buy $25 of Arcadia Quest stuff you get one choice of a select group of promo figures for free. If you bought the base game you got the Nameless Campaign for free. So to answer your question it was a retail box but it wasn't for sale on its own unless you bought something then it was free.

    edit: I should also mention that if you took the painting chibi class with Elizabeth Beckley, you got a free Sonja or Montoya that was used to practice painting chibi eyes.
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    Those miniatures look like they might be for an unannounced expansion. They could also and this is just me guessing, be guest box heros just based of their different styling.

    Also for those that haven't seen the link, here is a very nice wrap up of what is expected
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    I'm posting individual pictures of the Inferno characters on my instagram account if anyone would like to see. It's a bit more of the same from table top war gaming news, but I figured I would at least share. =) They're not all up yet, I'm doing it slowly as not to spam all of my followers, but they'll get all posted today.

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    I asked about the six figs that were in the glass case, and I was told that they will be sold in pairs in the future.

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    awesome, every time I asked nobody was sure what the story was with them. The painted dragon from inferno was slick though

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    Yeah, all the stuff from Inferno looks great. We just finished our first run through the original campaign, so we can't wait for what's next!!!

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    I can't help but feel that the style of some of the minis is inconsistent though.
    Some of them are looking a little busy compared to the earlier sculpts, mainly on the hair detail and some of the surface texturing. The earlier minis had a cleaner anime style to them.
    I really don't like the inset iris detail on the two cat people as well, I'd rather they kept them flat for a painted-on iris area. It just doesn't follow with any of the other sculpts.
    My favourite in the photos is the knight guy with his arm raised. He looks most in-keeping with existing characters.
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    @ Bouncy - I would say the same thing about the Inferno miniatures - they look busier to me too. It seems to be a stylistic change of including the small details like hair and fur compared to the simplified/clean lines look of some of the earlier sculpts. I'm still stoked to see what is in store for Inferno, just not as excited about the way some of the inferno minis compare to the originals. Of those posted here the Galadriel like sculpt is probably my favorite.

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