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    Default Wave 3 combat froze

    During a combat between a Hyperion and a Shocker in round 9, the game locked up entirely. The Shocker burned the Vindicator armour off the Hyperion, I used a Stim pack to return the Hyperion to 4 health, a Storm Trooper ability was triggered to reduce Shocker health, and when the Hyperion went to strike first, the game locked up.

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    Yes, I have to agree on this. Not that I encountered the exact configuration as above, but many times, any battle involving a Hyperion (whether in support or direct attack) is like a crap shoot: will the game lock up, or not?

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    I've had similar issues in Wave 3 with Combat Time lockup/crash, but I can't confirm Hyperion involvement or not.

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    It's not all the time, the Hyperion issues.

    I recently won a game with no hang ups or crashes but then I didn't have Vindicator armour either. Need to check again if the combo of Vindicator armour + Hyperion is what's causing it.

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    Hyperion issues were releated to its particle effects actually. They should be all but fixed now with build 1.5, still, be on the lookout.

    The Vindicator armor appears to have its own issue, which I failed to track down so far. If you manage to reproduce it that would be lovely, thank you.

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    Yeah, it's the combo of Hyperion + Vindicator that's a bit tricky. Plus, as you say, the Vindicator armour itself.

    1. I've had a Stormtrooper + Vindicator + a weapon get hit by a Fear Spider and get sent to the back lane. That's when the glitches start showing up.

    2. I've had Hyperion + Vindicator armour lock up on me.

    But those were with V.1.3. & V.1.4. Can't test V.1.5 much now because I'm travelling for a week and don't have access to my wife's iPad. (I only have the iPhone).

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    Your examples sound to me that Vindicator armor was just an innocent bystander.
    Panic Spider & Hyperion were broken before 1.5, so it was most likely their fault.

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    OK. No problem

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