How do i paint the illusion of condensation?
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Thread: How do i paint the illusion of condensation?

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    Default How do i paint the illusion of condensation?

    Question i am in the midst of painting a Dark Eldar Talos Pain engine.
    Since i am going with the Ichor Injector as it´s main weapon i think it would be cool if the giant needle at the bottom was covered in condensation.
    Now when i look at pictures of condensation online all it really is, is a lot of small bobbles.
    But just like you don´t paint a chainmail by drawing all the rings, i doubt that i would create a realistic illusion of condensation by painting all kinds of small water droplets.

    So anyone have any ideas on how to paint the effect of condensation on the glass convincingly??

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    I'd probably just fake it with a white/very light blueish glaze or two.
    Or the colors applied with a sponge(for example any blister foam) to get a randomised effect. The method would be similar to chipping made with sponge + dark colors.
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    Hmm i think you might be on to something using a sponge at the edges paint a few droplets and 2 or 3 running ones.
    I don´t have any Blister foam but i think a cleaning sponge might more or less be the same density.

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    Have you thought about using a clear resin,.. like woodland scenic's "water effects"?? just mixup a bit of the gel, then maybe grab a toothbrush, dip it in the gel and then flick the bristles to let a bunch of little water droplets land wherever you want them. (may require some masking of certain parts, and a test run on a piece of cardboard or other figure is always advised)
    It's only a flesh wound!!!

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    I would most likey go with a clear resin that comes in two parts and mix up a small bit of it and use a toothpick to apply one drop at a time or use valleo water texture and apply the same way.

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    Just use a gloss varnish, let it slightly dry on the pallette then use a small brush to get a little lump on the end and apply to where you want , do it several times to build up the bubble.

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