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    Ritchie Blackmore and his wife always have a song or two to inspire me. I have alternaive Ashlyn on my hands from the release date, but it took some time to find an idea that suits her good.
    Here are some info for those of you, who did not have a time to read Warmachine fluff: Llael’s primary geographical advantage turned out to be its greatest weakness: sharing its borders with four kingdoms with few natural barriers to inhibit trade—or the movement of armies. This served to line the pockets of certain entrepreneurial nobles and merchants who exploited the shipping along the Black River flowing from Rhul to the Gulf of Cygnar. Llael’s merchants were centrally located to serve as middlemen for a variety of lucrative mercantile organizations, while its gentle valleys and lush farmlands offered few barriers to slow the advance of the soldiers who marched to seize them starting at the end of 604 AR. By the end of 605 AR Llael had become an occupied nation. In other words, Llael was mainly a purpose of a bitter war between mighty Khador Empire (red) and Cygnar Kingdom (blue). The diorama depicts the bitter street fights in Llael capital, with Ashlyn D`Elyse rallying her people for a last desperate charge.

    Bring to me all of my arrows
    Bring to me my crossbow too
    I fear we might need them both
    Before the night is through

    Once a world of glittering hope
    This world is not the world we knew
    The only light left to shine
    Is between me and you

    On our own
    In a World of Stone
    We are not alone

    I had once believed in angels
    They were everywhere I looked
    A gentle hand guiding me
    To give more than I took

    But I have died a thousand times
    Watching all these angels fall
    Their lonely eyes haunt me still
    We will avenge them all

    Bring me mead and bring me ale
    To help us face this fight again
    Good fortune will shine down on us
    Together we will win

    And they will never break our spirit
    We will never turn and run
    And we will rise stronger still
    When we stand as one!

    The scenery is mainly done from scratch, with some `dead bodies`miniatures used. Ashlyn herself is an Infinity-sized 28 mm. Here is the voting link:
    This is a first work of mine i need a THREE sets of pictures to show. You can look at them here: (battlefield) (Ashlyn)
    BTW, it`s ON SALE, PM me, if you interested.
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    You should take this to Lock N' Load in Seattle early June. You'd surely win.

    Edit: Moscow. Although this isn't too too far...beautiful. I've been having trouble finding a mini from P3 that I like and this may be it!
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    Amazing diorama! How many work hours need for this?

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    thanks! actually, i have not so many time to work. i think it`s around 4 months of work including the base
    Available for commissions. Check the gallery to see my best.

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    You can do a great article to how can do this beautiful robes and banners.

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    Yes I would definitely be interested in the freehand article.
    ​You are ranked 1 out of 9149 artists.
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    Wow... Really amazing diorama!!! Freehands are wonderful. The whole thing looks magnificent and great. Superb work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BloodFather of Kharnath View Post
    Yes I would definitely be interested in the freehand article.
    We also, nice idea.

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    Very impressive
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    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    Stonkingly good! The reflected pattern in the armour and colours on the sword are perfect. Love the detail in the rubble too. You must have almost zen-like patience!!!

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    Excellent, the freehand is gorgeous! I always wanted to try it but never found the courage of doing it so far! The base looks amazing

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    wow!!! very impressive diorama. Details everywhere. Congrats!

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    Beautiful job. The child really takes it to another level in terms of composition.

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